Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Golden Moment

We have been trying to grow some kind of yellow flower near Brian’s Gazebo ever since we got it. Yellow was Brian’s favorite color. We have planted so many yellow flowers there, especially roses, but not one has made it. Most died but one beautiful yellow rose turned white after the first blooming. Honestly. Other varieties of yellow flowers simply did not make it because they are not indigenous to this area or my non developed green thumb was at work to hinder the growth in some way.
The other gazebo we had made as a memorial for Brian is at Mom’s house in SC and for several years she had the same problem. Mom has a green thumb and can grow just about anything. She also has deer there that hinder the growth around the gazebo there.
Two years ago we purchased a tree. It is supposed to produce yellow blossoms but it is still spindly with hardly a leaf on it. We have had it for two years now and have finally realized that this tree just isn’t going to make it in this area. We think it’s time to give up and just take cut flowers out once in a while.
Yesterday I took Lexi for a walk in the back yard. I have been housebound (almost) since my knee replacement surgery on March 16. This last week was particulary rough and I’ve been storming the heavens for some little light at the end of this tunnel . Mostly I hope the pain will subside, I will obtain full range of motion in both my knees and that some day, some how, I will get my life back. Not the life I had pre-surgery but the new one where I have two good knees. Lately there has been no light and I’ve had a field day of poor me’s and what if’s.
I walked in my slow gait through the back yard and Lexi ran circles around me and I paid careful attention to each step. I looked up at the gazebo in the distance and saw that it was in the shade now and would be a good place to sit a bit. What caught my eye next was the sun shining brilliantly on the spindly tree next to it, Brian’s tree. Illuminated there was one huge yellow blossom at the top of the tree, bathed in that sunshine as though it were on stage. Wow! I thought I would cry but what I did was to stare at that one perfect flower on that imperfect tree. I wanted to implant that vision in my mind’s eye for always.
Lexi and I walked on after stopping there and I saw that our lemon tree was in bloom with fragrant blossoms and it dawned on me that one more yellow tree was growing there and it’s obvious the lemons will make it.
What a beautiful day and I am convinced it’s a day of hope. My glass feels half full again because I saw a flower bloom.