Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lexi Was Attacked

Lexi in her hot pink cast.

Face book has taken over and I have not even been keeping my blog up to date. Shame on me.

So here I am trying to catch up and determined to keep my blog up better. I am beginning with Lexi and the crisis we had with her around the middle of December. I took her outside for her normal exercise, potty break. The dogs next door at Russ and Terry's came out and Lexi went flying around the side of the house to play with them through the fence. I was annoyed because I was more than ready to go back in and finish what I was doing. Then I heard a God awful sound that told myself couldn't be Lexi because I had never heard her in that kind of pain and fear that the sound invoked. I headed to the side as fast as I could go but I felt I was in slow motion. Then Terry drove up from work at the precise moment and yelled at her dog to drop Lexi. He did. Thank God he did. Lexi went skulking into the bushes by the house and I knew she was terribly hurt. I tried to get her and she got as far into the bushes as she could get. When I finally reached her she cried out in pain and I knew I wouldn't be able to get her. I went into the house to grab a blanket to throw over her so I could pick her up. When I opened the door she came running inside. She was practically crawling on her belly and I saw the blood. I put the blanket over her and got her into the car as soon as I could. I wish I could say I was cool calm and collected but that wouldn't be true. I guess Lexi had gone into shock because she just fell back against me so I drove with her in my arms. I put the flashers on hoping the other drivers would know there was a mad woman on the roads.

I got her to the vet and the doors were locked and I finally got enough focus to me to read the message. It said in case of emergency, take the pet to an animal hospital in Brandon. I felt sure Lexi would not make it to Brandon. I couldn't believe it. I kept trying to remember the address in Brandon so I could put it into my GPS…wasting precious time because nothing was working in my brain to get the number set. I finally calmed down enough to do this and got back on the road. Then I remembered the vet I took Lexi to at first. He was in Plant City still and had a larger place now.

I went there hoping they would be open before I went on to Brandon. He was! He was. I went running inside with my bundle of mangled puppy and no one was at the desk but I could hear them talking in the back. I screamed out that I needed help and a woman came out and took her from my arms. She led me to a seat where I could stay while they worked with Lexi.

After an eternity, they came into the room and told me that the puncture wounds from the bite would heal but the problem was the shaking the dog had done once he got Lexi firmly pinned in his mouth. It had torn soft tissue, muscle and skin up inside. There was internal bleeding and they couldn't be sure if the organs weren't affected. They needed to keep her for the first 24 hours and if she did not develop breathing problems in that time, she might make it. I thought I would die, truly. I hated to think what Lexi went through those few horrendous moments when she was in that dog's mouth. The dog has got out of the fence and into our yard many times before without incident. He has played with Lexi before. This time he attacked immediately when he got under his fence and into the yard. This dog is a big rescue dog that they said was a pit bull mix of some kind. This proves to me what I've known all along, how unpredictable this breed can be. Why would anyone have such a dangerous dog? Everyone that owns them always says the same things…he's so loveable, so mellow, serene, the best dog in the world. Humph. These dogs are bred to kill. I don't understand the reasoning. If I had a wish it would be that people who have these types of dogs would have to have a huge insurance premium at least. In my heart I'd much rather see them outlawed all together. I don't know what people can be thinking. Anyway….this did not help my concept at the entire breed. Not long after this happened, a Rottweiler killed a little baby boy in Tampa. It, too, was the sweetest dog in the world and loved this baby boy. Right. I think the parents should be brought up on child endangerment at the least. There, I've said it. I try to keep those beliefs to myself but these vicious dog breeds just baffle me. I do believe, in my heart of heart, that everyone has a right to have whatever breed dog they prefer but when others are in danger (and that would be anyone around that dog) then something else needs to be done. JMHO really…now I'm done and I'll go on my merry way without hate or fear.

Lexi made it those first harrowing 24 hours and then we had to worry about the bleeding internally. The vet did not want to do surgery yet; he was hoping to handle the situation with aggressive treatment and laser work. He also put her in a hot pink cast. That was to keep things in their place while they had a chance to heal and to put pressure on the bleeders.

After a week I was hoping she'd get the cast off and he'd say she was out of danger but that wasn't the case. He did take her out of the cast today and watched her for a bit but then had to put her back in one because there is this gully in her side and then this huge ball the size of my fist pooching out. He said that was muscle that was disconnected from the chest area and is now a ball in the abdomen. The danger is that the body will reject this muscle tissue as a foreign entity and that would cause a lot of problems, abscess being the beginning. Now he is giving her meds and procedures that will hopefully keep the body from rejecting that mass and keep it viable so that she will just be a bit deformed with that big not and gully in her body. Deformed is preferable to dead so I'm all for that.

After two weeks he took the cast off and the mass of muscle was attached and viable so that was very good. In a few more days when I took her in he noticed there was a pocket of fluid under the mass and now there is a bulb of the fluid poking out. He's going to wait until Tuesday to see if it might absorb but this is Saturday night and it is getting larger. He said he would put her under and insert drainage tubes in her side and see if that would work. If not, that will only leave surgery to remove the muscle and all the tissue that was displaced by the attack. Whew. She's been through so much. I was certain we'd get a good bill of health for her but I guess it's going to still be a process. I have to think one day at a time and enjoy the now but it is sure hard. She has a great Christmas with lots of pampering and spoiling by everyone here. You sure wouldn't know anything was wrong.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving, Take Two

I was going to write about my Thanksgiving (day after) celebration with my mom, my brother, Wayne, and my brother Alvin, Sister-in-law, Brenda, my three nieces and their families (my nephew and his family celebrated in Tennessee.). What a great time I had. I wrote a poem about it so I will just post that because I think it has the smells, thoughts and feelings of that day.:)

Family Sounds

My mother’s voice welcomes me home this sun
shiny day after Thanksgiving, two thousand nine.
I hug her for a long while and say "Happy
Thanksgiving" and she says it right back. The coffee
pot is perking softly in the back ground and the clock
strikes the hour. I open a diet coke and catch up with
the happenings before I go to the celebration.

The carpet of brown leaves crackle and crumble under
foot as I walk next door to my brother and sister
in-law’s country home where the feast will be. The
screen door opens and I enter.

I'm welcomed by each one I embrace with words
of greeting and a cool drink splashes
into my glass as it's placed in my hand. I visit
with each member of this family I adore. My nieces are
all grown up and adult conversations happen around me
though I still sometimes expect their child
voices to come from them."I love you" are the words
spoken by my youngest niece and I take them into my core
with this scene playing out before me.

The smells waft throughout the house and escape outdoors
amidst the chatter of humans and birds, kids and dogs
all at play, all proclaiming the significance of this day.
I hear the click of the cameras around me and the one I hold
as I try to capture bits and pieces of this Rockwell scene.
I grab my niece for a close up as we laugh at photos I click
of our shoes or just one face.

My sister-in-law is in the kitchen and our eyes meet
in the knowing of this happy scene and what it means,
she of like mind and dreams as I. She is surrounded
by her three daughters engaged in a flurry of motion
and easy talk. They know their tasks there at hand as
they mix, whip, pour, stir, and create a Thanksgiving
feast. They make light work of the huge work of art
they present in clinking bowls, casseroles and steamy pots.

The men are gathered round a huge cooker filled with
a golden brown turkey that glistens in the sun. They
joke and talk about subjects I don’t take in, I’m too
enamored by the camaraderie and deep voices of these
handsome husbands of my nieces and the newest addition,
my niece's fiancee that I met for the first time. I leave
a background of hunting stories and the clink of bottle.

It's time to gather together as we take each others
hand in prayer. A cacophony of voices buzz
in the background as we eat the grand meal and catch
up, all talking at once, sometimes in a rhythm you
can feel. Closer conversations come in more clearly
now as seven year old Hudson tells me a joke
about turkeys and little brother Harrison’s
laughter chimes in with full gusto. My niece shows
me her engagement ring and the light in her eyes
out sparkles any diamond. My brother is at the table
the one who we almost lost to cancer this year. He
looks good, though weak, and I keep sneaking peaks
to make sure of him.

Groans and moans and full bellies moved from the table
as we move around enough to make room for the desserts.
My brother throws the football to my nephews outside.
I heat them yell, “Watch Aunt Judy” as the ball falls
into their hands and they beat their papa to the tree
for a “touch down!” Their laughter rings out with along
with back slaps and congratulatory shouts. I soak
up all the sounds, smells, and feels of this day in
Prosperity, South Carolina where family noises
are free and clear and I am in a state of Thanksgiving.

Judy Roney

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving 2009

Today was such a non-traditional but great day for me. I went with my friends, Eunice and Dawn, to The Biltmore Estate for the Thanksgiving buffet. The food was incredible…every single thing was so good. The place was decorated for Christmas and the buffets looked like works of art. The windows of the Deer Park Restaurant were from ceiling to roof and it just brought the outdoors in. The whole atmosphere reminded me so much of Tavern on the Green in NYC when my family and I had dinner there one night before Christmas. The day was cool, crisp, and sunny. We had perfect weather, not to mention the wonderful friends I had to spend the day with. This was such a special day for me and although I missed my family, it was a nice change for Thanksgiving day. I find it's good to break with tradition occasionally and step outside the box and that has proven true for this year's celebration.

I'm thankful for so much and so many in my life. I am so truly blessed with family and friends, too. I love each one of you. My husband, Bill; children,, Brian(who is always with me though not here on earth), Jeni:, my son-in-law, Tom and all his family who are now our family as well; my daughter, Angie, my granddaughters, Alyssa, Valerie, Brittanie, and Paige; and my great grandsons Jordon, Logan and Jake. I'm thankful for my brothers, and my mom, Bill's sisters and brother, and our extended families. For all my dear friends, too, I wish a very happy Thanksgiving and holiday season. I want to name you all but there is the fear of missing someone so I'll just say that all of you are a blessing to me.

The Holidays Begin

Wednesday Evening: November 25, 2009

Today was the beginning of the holiday season for me. I have knitting class here in Asheville NC at Yarn Paradise each Wednesday. I have made a lot of very dear friends here and we always celebrate birthdays. Since I am not there for half the year to celebrate some of the birthdays I decided to have hot chocolate and cookies for them on this, my last day at knitting for the season.

I played Barista and we had a wonderful evening of knitting, lots of laughter, friendship, hot chocolate and cookies. Eunice, Dawn, Terri, Hope, Rosie, and Sandra were there and we had such a nice beginning to the holiday season. I missed the ones that weren't there. I will this wonderful group of women until I'm back in the spring.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fall Trip to TN 11-09

What a weekend. My sister-in-law, Brenda was going to Tennessee to celebrate her Mom’s (Gladys) ninety-third birthday and I decided to go to see my daughter, Angie and granddaughters. I didn’t think I’d be able to see them again before I left for Florida for the winter and spring.
There was a rock slide on I-40 sometime in October and so we had a choice of two detours to take. We knew it would add many hours onto our travel time. Brenda and I took separate cars so we formed a loose convoy. Loose because we did not follow each other much but when we would arrive at a place that looked interesting or if it was meal time, we would call each other and meet at the place that looked most interesting. The trip was relaxing and fun since we got to see different scenery than usual on our detours.
My problem happened about four hours into the trip when I realized that I was coming up on Joey’s Pancake House in Maggie Valley, where I had started out!! Oh, my. My heart sank into my gut. I called Brenda and told her I would catch up to her again or see her in Tennessee. I headed back out and enjoyed the trip. I caught up with Brenda before Gatlinburg. We ended up taking a short cut she knew from having Gladys’ parties each year in Gatlinburg. She chose a great place to eat that was also a gift shop that was a lot of fun. The restaurant is called The Moonshine CafĂ© and it was a lot of fun. There was a deer head on the wall (of course) but also a deer’s butt on the other wall.
We arrived at Angie’s house about 11 or 12 hours after we left the house. We were laughing first about me getting lost and ending up at Joeys after all that driving, and also that we could have made it all the way to Florida in the time it took us to get to Nashville. LOL
How wonderful to see Angie and hug her again. Then to see my granddaughters, Valerie and Alyssa and their boyfriends, Jon and Ira…life was good and it made it worth the trip for sure. We all went over to see Valerie and Jon’s new home not too far from ours in Mt. Juliet. They closed a couple of weeks after Angie and I closed on ours. They have done so much and it’s so cute. Valerie is a wonderful decorator I think. Their home was very comfortable and homey. I’m so glad they are so close. We all went out to O’Charley’s for dinner then and Brenda got to know everyone and we enjoyed just being together.
The next morning Alyssa and Ira went to their first football game, the Tennessee Titans and thankfully they won that game. Angie and I just enjoyed talking and catching up over coffee for a few hours before I had to leave for Gladys’ party.

The party was at Matt and Shauna’s beautiful home. Matt is Susie’s oldest son and Shauna is his wife. It was a treat to meet all of Susie (Brenda’s sister) family including grand children.

Matt is a fabulous cook and I tasted the best ribs I have ever had in my whole life. Yum! He also cooked a delicious ham on the grill. Susie’s grandchildren were so precious. Three girls and three boys. I hear about them so much and now I will be able to place them after seeing them in person.
I left and went back to Angie’s to spend some time with her before bedtime and I would have to look at another drive back to NC the next morning. Ira bought Pizza for everyone and later that night we all went out for Coca-cola cake and ice-cream. Yum! The night went too quickly and Monday morning came quickly.
I met Brenda at Panera Bread for coffee at 8a.m. We took another route home but it took the same amount of time. We didn’t get here until 7p.m. What a journey we had though. We stopped at Stonehaus Winery and we had lunch at a nice tea house outside Knoxville. As tired as we were, we also enjoyed it tremendously. We decided we would have to take these trips in the summer when I’m back here. Of course we are planning for when I-40 is open again. As much fun as we had we would not be quite as excited if we had to make these detours again. LOL
I’m so glad I got to see my daughter and grands one more time before I head to Florida for the winter. I’m also thrilled that I was there for Gladys’ 93rd birthday. It was a busy but worthwhile trip. I’m so glad we went. I already miss my family but I have more wonderful memories.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Maybe Next Year

November fourth won’t have the power
of the past. I’ll sleep through
the night, won’t wake up in
the fetal position head pounding
in the rhythm of despair and dread.

What will save me from this acid torch
in my gut every November fourth? What
will make the day just slip by without
grief or remembrance of a son that
brought me pure joy.

How long does loss hang on and haunt
those left behind? How long before
his precious face, that comes to me
in my dreams, bring me delight in
remembrance rather than the ache
and emptyness of his absence.

This year was the life is good
this is a perfect day
air is cool, the sun is shining
and I planned an evening with
day.The I won’t think
won’t acknowledge any pain

This isn’t the year I hit on the right
combination, the right ploy to make
this just another day of cool weather
and blue skies.Maybe next year
will be the year I find my way.

Judy Roney
November 4, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jeni & Tom’s Wedding Party in PA

I wrote this blog about the wedding and lost it when I spilled a cup of hot coffee onto my motherboard. Hate when that happens.  They (Geek Squad) are trying to retrieve my writings from my fried computer, but I know I can’t count on it. I’ll try to recapture the feelings, sights, tastes, and sounds of our time in Erie which is Tom’s home town. 

Kay, Tom’s Mom, and Alan, her husband, picked us up at the airport.  They live very close to the airport and every amenity, yet they were in a beautiful neighborhood that was so quiet and beautiful.  All the lawns were so well manicured. The grass was more like golf course grass than the type grass we have in Florida.  The house is large and I was surprised to find it was the same size as ours in FL.  I think it is the way it’s designed that makes it look larger.  The feeling was warm,homey and inviting.  The smells coming from the ovens helped with that, too. 

The first night there we had dinner at Kay and Alan’s with just the family invited.  What a dinner it was.  Kay is a wonderful cook and so are ALL her sisters.  160; We had met Chris and George and Lynn and Dave on the cruise we took with them.  We were able to meet Mary Jane and her husband, Joe, this time as well. 
Back to food.  Kay made beef stew on this  very cold day but she cooked it in pumpkins.  She cut the tops off, cleaned the seeds out, rubbed the outside with olive oil that would give the pumpkins  brown/gold sheen that looked as good as it smelled and tasted. Yum!   I look forward to trying it myself.  There were also homemade pies and desserts made by the family. 

Dale and Barb are long time family friends who are more like family.
Dale grew a huge pumpkin that weighed about two hundred pounds.  What an amazing thing to see.  The guys brought it in on a sling and we were so afraid they would drop it. 

Bill and I stayed with Chris (Kay’s sister) and George.  They recently moved about three or four houses down from Kay and Alan and their house and grounds were just as stunning.  Their backyard backs up to a creek and there are two bridges that cross it.  It’s like a painting with all the beautiful flowers and trees.  Chris is a wonderful cook too, so we had plenty to eat there as well. 

It was wonderful getting to know everyone better and getting to be more a part of this incredible family.  I feel like I’ve always known them. 

Now to the reason for our trip there…a celebration of Jeni and Tom’s marriage.  I am so thankful for Tom and for his whole family in our lives.  We are so blessed.  Thanks Jeni for making our lives more.  We love seeing Tom and Jeni together. They are such a loving and handsome couple.  Being with them makes me feel so happy for them and for us as well.We are always happy when our children are, I know. 

The next day, Saturday, Kay and Alan had brunch at their home after we had coffee at Chris and George’s.They had an egg casserole and a coffee cake to die for.  Fresh fruit, juice, coffee, and homemade sausage casserole and cinnamon buns. Yum.  I was in heaven, pure and simple.  I wish I had taken photos of their grounds. The settings were beautiful and we even saw a deer outside. They back up to a wild life preserve and it’s a dream. 

Pam, Tom’s sister, took Jeni and I shopping and also for a tour of the place they grew up and their schools and the college they all graduated from, Mercyhurst.  The college campus was breathtaking.  I’m so glad we got to see where they grew up and places that we hear them talk about.  The shopping was really good, too. Pam and I got a make up application at Macy’s so we were ready for the party before we even got back home.:) It was fun getting to know Pam better, too.  I knew she was a great wife and mother but now I know how much fun she can be one on one as well. 

The party was held at a beautiful place on the grounds of Mercyhurst (I think) called Sunset Inn. I ‘ll find out from Jeni to make sure. I was kind of in a fog through the whole thing. The night after dinner, Alan and Kay taught us some dance steps for dances that we could all do at the party.  They were line dance type like the Electric Slide only there was a bit of the Cha Cha Cha and other dances.  I have never been to a party when so many were dancing.  Alan and Kay dance like they are floating on air.  I don’t even pretend to know how to dance but  dance I did. LOL  LOL 

The food was great with lots of choices and the cake was white on white traditional. The flowers were white roses and everything was simply beautiful. 

I don’t know the song Jeni and Tom danced their first dance to (I’ll find out), or what the song was when the groom danced with his mother. That’s always such a touching thing for me to see.  I do know that Jeni chose “Daddy’s Hands” for her dance with her dad and then the DJ announced that Tom would dance to “It’s a Wonderful World”.  What a perfect song to sing to. I’ll never forget dancing with my handsome son in law and being so proud of him and my daughter and the life they have together. 

We met so  many of Tom’s family, coaches, and old friends from as far back as elementary school, college roommates, and friends of the family.  What a joy to meet each of them and to be at this family celebration. 

Bill and I enjoyed every minute and still hum the songs and do a few dance steps (just a few slides), and we still bask in the beauty of that time in Erie that went by way to fast.  I can’t wait to get back there and explore some more. They aren’t that far from Niagara Falls!  Bill went touring with Alan and George and they went to see the trout swimming upstream. I thought it was only salmon that did that. There were just rows of fishermen there. 

I’m so glad to be a part of this family and I feel very much a part of them and their lives. They make everyone feel that way. They are sure opening up our lives to places and people we would never have been to or met. We are blessed.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Bill and I went to Tennessee on Wednesday to spend some time with Angie and Alyssa and get the house squared away. Bill had not seen it yet. He really liked it and thought it was well built. He worked on a few things that needed done while we got the bathroom decorated for the most part and got ready for the Happy, Happy party on Friday night.
We called it Happy, Happy because there was so much to celebrate. Angie, Alyssa, and I got the house in Mt. Juliet and got the furniture and everything that we needed right away. Bill and I even got our bedroom suite for our bedroom picked out and ready to deliver. The whole house is in shades of blue and browns. Hmm I guess that's not so. The walls are shades of olive green to gray in the bedrooms. I guess you'd have to see it to get a picture of that. It's artistically done so it all goes together. The couch is a light brown with blue and green pillows and rugs. The dining table is tall and we all really like that. I just love the way it looks and the feel of it. Angie and Alyssa said it already felt like home.
Angie and Alyssa had everything moved in and livable in a week. We were in shock. We thought there would be so much to do.

It was so nice seeing Teddi (aka Harley) again. He is the toy poodle that is Lexi’s brother. Lexi wore herself out as usual when she is with him. I think she’s still sleeping from her days spent there with her puppy brother. He is so sweet and still looks like a little teddibear.
It was so nice spending the time with my daughter and granddaughter there at the house, bonding with them in their new place and with the house itself.
Alyssa gave up her very comfortable bed since we didn’t have one there yet. We were so appreciative of that since we weren’t up to sleeping on the floor again like we all did before any furniture was there. They live in such a nice neighborhood. I am so excited and happy for all of us. The possibilities are endless. Getting to know and spend time with Angie, my granddaughters, and our great grandsons is beyond my dreams.

Valerie came over each day we were there and we had so much fun being with her. She is so beautiful and one of our celebrations was celebrating her and her boyfriend’s new home that they will be closing on soon. We already got to see it and it is such a nice and large home in a very nice neighborhood and we are thrilled for them.
We met Jon and Bill met Ira for the first time. That is Valerie and Alyssa’s boyfriends. Bill was as impressed with them as I was. They are both full of motivation and great plans for their future.
We were sad that Brittanie wasn’t able to come and bring the grandsons for the party. She has started a new job that is demanding but very hopeful for her career choice. I am so glad she loves her job. That is a real blessing for anyone.
The other celebrations were Alyssa and Jon’s birthdays that were coming up. We had such a wonderful time being with everyone and found out that Ira and Jon both enjoy BBQ’ing so that is a load off our shoulders because neither Bill nor I enjoy that. LOL

Every time I see this photo of Alyssa I laugh. She is not only gorgeous but she has such a great personality and just loves life.
I loved the theme for our party so much. Happy, Happy. I thought that should be my life’s theme really. It sure makes me smile just thinking about it.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Mark Menendez

We had a nice birthday celebration for Mark at the Craft Collection in Waynesville where we take classes. We purchased a peanut butter cake from Whitman's and it turned out to be wonderful. The icing was peanut butter tasting with fudgey iceing on top BUT it wasn't so rich as it sounds. Just right. :) Mark is a wonderful instructor and we wanted to celebrate him on his special day. He's so easy going and patient and has become a good friend to all of us. He even had Bill drawing his motorcycle and painting but he hasn't made it back to class to finish it. Then my daughter, Angie, went to a class and it changed her whole mind on her ability to draw and paint. I had a group of women from my half century group that went to a class with me and we learned to use colored pencils and we all made very presentable little chickadees. :) Oh, and Rebecca my niece took a class there with me on Acrylics and we had so much fun. So, he's getting to know my whole family and my good friends as well. :) He turned fifty-three on the 6th. Happy Birthday Mark!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Brother, Wayne

Yamelis and Wayne
My brother, Wayne, was diagnosed with lung cancer. He had surgery in September and had 1/3 of his lung removed. Three weeks later he was back in the hospital going through another surgery. He had an staph infection that evidently began with the first surgery. They had to remove more of his lung and they left his whole side open so they could make sure the infection was abating. They found another pocket of infection in his shoulder and had to cut that open and put a tube into drain. He was in ICU for many days and now is in a room. He's had a few set backs but everything is looking good right now. He had to be given blood because they couldn't get his count up and that is fine now so they are doing surgery today to close the side up. They will take skin from his abdomen and use that to cover the opening.
It's been such a rough way for him to go and he's not a happy camper because he can't work and can't golf and bowl and do the things that he loves. He's a very busy person and this relaxation doesn't seem to suit him well at all. He says, "everyone says how lucky I am. If I were lucky, I wouldn't have cancer and I wouldn't have had the surgery at all." He IS so fortunate and blessed and I'm sure he knows that. People in the McBroom side of the family are lucky to reach 60. They get lung cancer and die in their 50's. It's a fluke that this cancer was found in time. Always in the past, by the time they have symptoms, it's too late. They found the growth and removed it. Then he got the very serious infection and couldn't even eat for three weeks. He didn't die from that and they finally found it and found an antibiotic to work against the infection.
I'm so thankful that my brother is alive and will be well again soon. We lost our oldest brother, Bob, to this same lung cancer when he was 59. He wanted to be 60 but it wasn't in the cards. My Dad would have given anything to live out his retirement fishing and boating but he died at 57.
I could make this about smoking because this is about smoking but it would not be well received by Wayne or my other brothers, three of whom smoke. I'll give up the lectures. I am 62 and thought I would prove that not smoking could help you see 60. There are always other reasons besides smoking to the smoker though...things like you didn't get it because you are a girl! Where have I heard that. LOL Or you don't have cancer because you have more of Mom's blood in you than Dad's. Well, I won't argue the case with anyone. I do wish my brothers were not smokers but I love them just like they are and Lord, I want them to live. The older I get the more important they are to me. I don't want to loose any more. Wayne has a good chance now and after surgery he can heal and live to receive his social security. I don't know if he will smoke again. I only know I love him and I want to enjoy each day with him and my other brothers and my mother (who is also a smoker) in good health.
I'm so thankful that things are going on a good path for Wayne right now. I think he's very lucky and so am I.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fly Away Home

My short story,"Fly Away Home", has been accepted for publication in the book, Imagining Heaven that comes out in May of next year. I just can't believe it. I am so happy about this.
I have thought of myself as a poet but now I will expand that to just writer, or as my friend, Jean mentioned, author. :)
I am walking on sunshine. Oh, yeah!
Another great piece of news is that the proceeds from the book will be going to hospice. I know that organization is a wonderful one and I'm so proud to be a part of it in this way.
The story is about Brian so it means so much to me and I couldn't be prouder that it will be published in this book. I just feel so honored and absolutely thrilled right now.
I have been SO fortunate lately. First my poem being accepted in the anthology Echoes Across the Blue Ridge and now this. I don't know if I can handle the joy of it all...yes, I can! lol

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall falls on Maggie

I love this time of year. I imagine most do. I would hate for anyone to miss out on this feeling I have as the leaves begin to turn and the air is crisp and clear (when it's not raining!). What a beautiful place. What a beautiful life. That's what fall does to me.
Yesterday after church I went back home and picked Lexi up. I dressed her in her candy corn blouse (yes, I dress my dog.LOL)and took her to Sylva for Bark in the Park. I entered her in the kissing contest because when we are home she's a kisser. Naturally, she made a fool of me in that field. She was the only dog that didn't even look at me, much less pucker up. I should have known because when Angie, my daughter, and I took Lexi and her dog, Teddi, to a similar event, Lexi would not perform for anything. Now I finally get it. LOL
It was good enough just having her so gorgeous dressed up like the sweetness she is. She met a lot of other dogs and was beside herself with the joy of it all. Of course it could have been just because she loves fall as much as I do and this was a beautiful fall day.
Here's a photo after she was so exhausted from holding court all day at the park. LOL

Monday, September 28, 2009

I Found a House

Angie, my daughter in Tennessee and I are going to share a home. I went up there and looked at houses this weekend again and found one. We will close on it on the 12th of October.
It will be nice to have a place there in Mt.Juliet where I can spend time each year and get to know my daughter, grandchildren and great grandsons better. Angie has no room in her place now and it's so far out from everything. This home is closer to groceries and necessities.
I didn't even recognize Mt. Juliet. My aunt and nieces and nephews lived there and it was so far out it seemed. Now it's a bustling little city and a nice safe place to live we are told.
The house is really cute. Hardwood floors, granite counter tops and we will each have our own bedroom. Angie, Alyssa, my granddaughter, and me and Bill when we are in town. We will each decorate our own rooms the way we want but decorate the common areas together.
I have a friend, Victoria, whose daughter just moved in with her and her husband. There is a name for that co-housing but I've forgotten it. We will be doing that on a lesser level. Lesser level because Bill and I won't be there but maybe four times a year or so.
We are all very excited about this house and the possibilities it represents to us all. I will go back on the 12th to close and then Bill and I will go up north for Jeni and Tom's wedding party in Tom's home town) and when we get back, we will get what we need to set up housekeeping because Angie and Alyssa will have moved in while we are gone.
Life has so many twists and turns and our life continues on this journey.
Another exciting part about getting this house is that I will be able to visit family in Cookeville as I travel through now. So many possibilities.