Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall falls on Maggie

I love this time of year. I imagine most do. I would hate for anyone to miss out on this feeling I have as the leaves begin to turn and the air is crisp and clear (when it's not raining!). What a beautiful place. What a beautiful life. That's what fall does to me.
Yesterday after church I went back home and picked Lexi up. I dressed her in her candy corn blouse (yes, I dress my dog.LOL)and took her to Sylva for Bark in the Park. I entered her in the kissing contest because when we are home she's a kisser. Naturally, she made a fool of me in that field. She was the only dog that didn't even look at me, much less pucker up. I should have known because when Angie, my daughter, and I took Lexi and her dog, Teddi, to a similar event, Lexi would not perform for anything. Now I finally get it. LOL
It was good enough just having her so gorgeous dressed up like the sweetness she is. She met a lot of other dogs and was beside herself with the joy of it all. Of course it could have been just because she loves fall as much as I do and this was a beautiful fall day.
Here's a photo after she was so exhausted from holding court all day at the park. LOL


Darrell said...

Judy: Dressing your dog? You're sick. That's why I love you. We put bandanas on our goats. Some people don't get it, but you probably would!

I was on my work's website today, and noticed that you were one of my bosses followers on Facebook. I still don't know how Facebook works, but obviously there's a tie-in somewhere, otherwise, how would you be one of my bosses followers? Anyway, those cakes that you were raving about--those are all baked by yours truly. I am Mr. Pat-A-Cake Baker Man. Ruth is amazing with all that she does, and she has just been asked by The Learning Channel to do another Cake Challenge. She's becoming quite the "hot topic" in the cake world. We're all proud of her and not at all surprised. She's got some real zeal about this cake world of hers, and it's getting her noticed on a national level now. Anyway, that's Ruth, and I just wondered if you knew the connection there. Love, Darrell P.S. Happy Fall! My favorite season, probably because I was born on October 23rd. I love the smells of fall, the way the sun shines differently, the piles of leaves me and the kids jump in, all of it. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!

Victoria said...

Sounds like a fun day even if Lexi does have performance anxiety - or something. She is an adorable litle love. I like the fall pictures. It's not quite fall down here in Texas, but its coming.

Mary said...

What fun you had with Lexi. And the pictures are SOOOO cute, whether she was willing to 'pucker' on demand or not!