Monday, October 26, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Bill and I went to Tennessee on Wednesday to spend some time with Angie and Alyssa and get the house squared away. Bill had not seen it yet. He really liked it and thought it was well built. He worked on a few things that needed done while we got the bathroom decorated for the most part and got ready for the Happy, Happy party on Friday night.
We called it Happy, Happy because there was so much to celebrate. Angie, Alyssa, and I got the house in Mt. Juliet and got the furniture and everything that we needed right away. Bill and I even got our bedroom suite for our bedroom picked out and ready to deliver. The whole house is in shades of blue and browns. Hmm I guess that's not so. The walls are shades of olive green to gray in the bedrooms. I guess you'd have to see it to get a picture of that. It's artistically done so it all goes together. The couch is a light brown with blue and green pillows and rugs. The dining table is tall and we all really like that. I just love the way it looks and the feel of it. Angie and Alyssa said it already felt like home.
Angie and Alyssa had everything moved in and livable in a week. We were in shock. We thought there would be so much to do.

It was so nice seeing Teddi (aka Harley) again. He is the toy poodle that is Lexi’s brother. Lexi wore herself out as usual when she is with him. I think she’s still sleeping from her days spent there with her puppy brother. He is so sweet and still looks like a little teddibear.
It was so nice spending the time with my daughter and granddaughter there at the house, bonding with them in their new place and with the house itself.
Alyssa gave up her very comfortable bed since we didn’t have one there yet. We were so appreciative of that since we weren’t up to sleeping on the floor again like we all did before any furniture was there. They live in such a nice neighborhood. I am so excited and happy for all of us. The possibilities are endless. Getting to know and spend time with Angie, my granddaughters, and our great grandsons is beyond my dreams.

Valerie came over each day we were there and we had so much fun being with her. She is so beautiful and one of our celebrations was celebrating her and her boyfriend’s new home that they will be closing on soon. We already got to see it and it is such a nice and large home in a very nice neighborhood and we are thrilled for them.
We met Jon and Bill met Ira for the first time. That is Valerie and Alyssa’s boyfriends. Bill was as impressed with them as I was. They are both full of motivation and great plans for their future.
We were sad that Brittanie wasn’t able to come and bring the grandsons for the party. She has started a new job that is demanding but very hopeful for her career choice. I am so glad she loves her job. That is a real blessing for anyone.
The other celebrations were Alyssa and Jon’s birthdays that were coming up. We had such a wonderful time being with everyone and found out that Ira and Jon both enjoy BBQ’ing so that is a load off our shoulders because neither Bill nor I enjoy that. LOL

Every time I see this photo of Alyssa I laugh. She is not only gorgeous but she has such a great personality and just loves life.
I loved the theme for our party so much. Happy, Happy. I thought that should be my life’s theme really. It sure makes me smile just thinking about it.

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Bill said...

That was fun. Great time had by all.