Friday, August 21, 2009

Date Night

I had a date with the handsome guy in my life yesterday. He picked me up at 4 pm and we went to Clearwater Beach. We were astounded at the changes being made since we were there all those years taking our kids and their friends there. The hotel we always stayed at was there still. We ate at the Pizza Place there that we often ate at.
To clarify matters, Bill and I weren't actually alone. We took my Little Sister (Big Brothers/Big Sisters), Hanna, with us. Oh, well, we still aren't quite used to being childless even after all these years. LOL Hanna begins fifth grade on Tuesday and she loves the beach so we thought we'd take her for a bit of beach time before school begins. She was so happy; it was a joy just to watch her. We did a sea star sand sculpture with her in the center. She was very happy with that. I forgot my camera though so I am hoping that I can somehow get Bill's photos he took on his camera onto my computer but it's not looking good so far.
Bill showed her how to body surf in the gulf waves and we just sat around taking in the scene of everyone gathering on the pier and on the beach to watch the sun slowly make it's way down to a sizzle on the water. :) It was beautiful even though some cloud coverage obscured the last bit as it disappeared. It was a nice way to put an end to summer for Hanna we though.
Hanna and I sat on the beach with hats on like a couple of old curmudgeon's. LOL I need to get her a younger Big Sister. LOL I have mentioned that a couple times. It's not only that but I'm also gone so much to NC but Hanna's moms and her case manager seem to think it's working just fine.
We had to stop at the beach ice cream shop for a scoop before heading on home across the bridge. All the lights were sparkling from other bridges and the shore and it was a gorgeous sight.
Bill and I love to do this but we do it so rarely. We have to go to the beach more often. I don't care to roast there but to go in the evening to watch the sun set and have dinner at one of the restaurants on the beach is amazing.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Book Mania in Waynesville

I had a very interesting day in Waynesville at Book Mania. Margaret Osondu hosted another year of authors coming to the area for classes, talks, and to bring the author to the area for book signings and one on one time with each of them. I had one on one time with authors I knew and those I know through FaceBook and I was able to meet them in person.

I met authors like Jayne Ferrer, Susan Reinhardt, Dr. Lin Step, Angela Dove, Kathryn Magendi, Barbara Duncan, Bahia Abrams, Mindy Friddle, Rose Senehi, Celia Miles, and so many more I can’t remember all their names.
I was able to hear Angela Dove speak about her book, No Room For Doubt,and the process she went through to write it and I was impressed and I look forward to reading her book. As a matter of fact, I want to read all of their work and all at one time. Guess I’ll have to settle for one at a time and enjoy them that way.
I just love this area and the arts available here. I feel so lucky to be here in the Maggie Valley, Waynesville, and Asheville area.
Now, back to reading Kathryn Magendi’s , Tender Graces. I can hardly set it down; it’s such a riveting book full of characters that I feel I really know.


Nothing takes the place of girlfriend time. I probably should say women friends or something more age appropriate but girlfriends sounds right to me.
My sister-in-law, Brenda (aka BB) and our friends, Co(aka Colleen), Cat (aka Cathy), Brenda’s sister, Ree (aka Susie), and me (aka DD), got together for several days here at the mountain house. We could definitely be the Ya Ya Sisterhood, but we are trying to find a suitable name for our group. We did think the Poodles would be a good name for us but not all agree so we are still in search of a name.

When we met last year we went white water rafting and stayed here at the mountain house.
This year we just ate, talked, laughed, went shopping, painted pottery at “Let’s Get Fired”and ate some more.
The time we met before this was in Florida and we went to the Strawberry Festival and saw Lonestar, took a tour of Tampa and lots more of the same above…eat, talk, laugh, shop, repeat. We always enjoy spending time together and look forward to our next gathering.
When we went to paint pottery we were sure we’d have fun because we always do when we are together, however, what did blow us away was our artwork on the pottery. Ree was especially impressive. She painted a bowl and it was SO artistic with leaves and flowers painted on. Beautiful! I can’t wait to see them all because I must admit, they ALL looked very good.

When we went to Biltmore Village, we stopped in Blue; a handmade art place that has incredible jewelry and pottery, etc. We met Jack there and he was a lot of fun. He eventually gave Co a free ring and we teased her plenty about it. We were quite a lively bunch and the shop owners appreciated that I think. :)

BB even read a night time story to us. It was an adventure with Walter the Farting Dog. We are one bunch of women who KNOW how to have fun!!! What a narrator BB is; full of emotion and action like a book like Walter needs. Awesome!

What an incredible group of women. I am so blessed to have them in my life. They live close by each other in SC with the exception of me here in NC and Ree in TN, so they do a lot together. They walk for breast cancer research and just for their own good health in SC. It sure would be nice to live closer to all of them. I won’t be greedy though; I’ll be thankful for our gatherings as they are, when they are.