Monday, September 28, 2009

I Found a House

Angie, my daughter in Tennessee and I are going to share a home. I went up there and looked at houses this weekend again and found one. We will close on it on the 12th of October.
It will be nice to have a place there in Mt.Juliet where I can spend time each year and get to know my daughter, grandchildren and great grandsons better. Angie has no room in her place now and it's so far out from everything. This home is closer to groceries and necessities.
I didn't even recognize Mt. Juliet. My aunt and nieces and nephews lived there and it was so far out it seemed. Now it's a bustling little city and a nice safe place to live we are told.
The house is really cute. Hardwood floors, granite counter tops and we will each have our own bedroom. Angie, Alyssa, my granddaughter, and me and Bill when we are in town. We will each decorate our own rooms the way we want but decorate the common areas together.
I have a friend, Victoria, whose daughter just moved in with her and her husband. There is a name for that co-housing but I've forgotten it. We will be doing that on a lesser level. Lesser level because Bill and I won't be there but maybe four times a year or so.
We are all very excited about this house and the possibilities it represents to us all. I will go back on the 12th to close and then Bill and I will go up north for Jeni and Tom's wedding party in Tom's home town) and when we get back, we will get what we need to set up housekeeping because Angie and Alyssa will have moved in while we are gone.
Life has so many twists and turns and our life continues on this journey.
Another exciting part about getting this house is that I will be able to visit family in Cookeville as I travel through now. So many possibilities.


Mary said...

Glad you found a house, Judy. It does look like a nice place. You are right, life has many twists and turns. Your theme song should be "On the Road Again." LOL. I forget who the singer is.

Belle said...

It's a lovely house Judy. Sounds like a nice town. I'm happy for all of you. And, "On the Road Again" Willie Nelson...

Diane T said...

Love the look of this house, Judy! Glad you found something you like. Cheers!

Lynne said...

It almost makes me dizzy trying to catch up with you, Judy! What a neat idea this is, and the house looks like it's ready to become a happy home for your family.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Judy -

Thanks for visiting my blog. I've become a Follower of yours. :)


Victoria said...

I'm glad you sent a picture of the house (late to come and see it - just careless about blog catch up). It is a lovely house and I hope you enjoy the co-housing as we are. It is affording many opportunities for unexpected fun as well as allowing us to share tasks. Nice when the laundry gets done without me doing it! I wish you well - you and all of yours.