Sunday, September 13, 2009

Alvin's 58th Birthday

Alvin celebrated his 58th birthday on September 3 and we celebrated him that weekend.
Alvin, Brenda, Co, Snook, and Jerry and Judy came up to the mountain house and we had such a nice time.
One of the first things Jerry and Snook did was to go into the forests on our property and found a huge amount of ginsing. They are naturalists who really know the plant life around here.
We decorated the house for Al's birthdfay and had purchased old fashioned things like Play dough, animal crackers, Mickey Mouse bouncy balls, etc. We sure know how to give a party, don'tchathink? LOL
Co and Snook brought steaks for the birthday dinner and Bill and Co BBQ’d while we relaxed and had a drink and enjoyed the scenery and each other. For the sake of seating (limited in spots) we women ate in the house and the guys ate on the porch. Talk about old fashioned! LOL It gave us women time to catch up so that was all good.
We had a contest with the Play dough. Everyone was to make something from their can of dough and see what people came up with. We were so impressed I can’t tell you. The guys sat outside talking away while we were slaving at our craft. LOL BB finally went out and got them started by building Al (birthday guy) a “Bud Man” that was wonderful. She’s good at this dough stuff!! LOL Jerry made a red fox, Snook made a snake ready to strike, and Bill, my in-house artist made a black pretzel. I don’t know.
Then the men tried to figure out which object da art the women made. It was hilarious. They tried to figure it out so scientifically. LOL Finally, after giving them a hint way too easy, they figured it out.
Party time; Judy Cooper brought out a wonderful, beautiful, luscious coconut cake for dessert. After Al made his wish we dug in. Yum. It was spectacular! All three women here are excellent cooks so I love it when we get together!
Jerry holding Lexi.

We had such a wonderful weekend. We had planned to go to Waynesville Block Party on Friday night but we got to Smackers and eating and talking took precedence over the evening.
Happy Birthday to my baby brother, Alvin. Just a baby, only 58!!! LOL Talk about a baby, David, my brother in Tennessee is next and he’s only 57. Just babies; all of them. LOL


Mary said...

Your family really knows how to celebrate. Sounds like a fun celebration, with old fashioned things in abundance. Yes, you DO know how to give a party indeed. Happy Birthday, Alvin!

Victoria said...

Fun day Judy. Thanks fdor writing about it. I am not so good at celebration. I love your ideas - like hte Play Doh contest. Happy birthday Alvin!

Lynne said...

Hey, Judy - You sure did right by Alvin with such a wonderful birthday gathering. Thanks for sharing it with us, along with the photos. Oh, and Happy B'day, Alvin!