Sunday, September 20, 2009

Friday Nite Baskets and Bingo

A church group had an event at the Haywood County Fairgrounds called Baskets and Bingo. They had great prizes like Vera Bradley bags and Longerberger baskets full of goodies. I had my heart set on winning. I sat down with four women I had not met before but by the end of the evening we exchanged names. We realized we had something vital in common...we were ALL loosers.LOL We agreed that we would come back next year though because eventually we had to win something. The women had a great sense of humor and it made our ego deflating evening hilarious. LOL I love these events that seem to abound here in Haywood and surrounding counties. I love that it's such an artsy place and that there are so many local writers that I am getting to know. I look forward to readings and events and also submitting my work to the many publishers around here. One of my poems has been accepted in "Echos Across the Blue Ridge" that will come out in the winter and I have that to look forward to. It's wonderful to see so many venues around here for our paintings and art work and crafts. I can stay as busy as I want. I love this place!
It has been so rainy the last week. The street going into Waynesville was flooded friday night and when I got back from BINGO the lights were all out in the house. They were out for about two hours. I have flashlights all over the place now because it happens a lot when it rains. The photo is a lousy one but the white car behind the post was stuck with water up past the bottom of the door.

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Mary said...

I love reading about all of the events you take part in...and congratulations on having one of your poems chosen to appear in "Echos Across the Blue Ridge." What an honor that is. Wonderful that you are getting to know local writers and are, I think, becoming a 'local writer' yourself.