Friday, September 11, 2009

John C Campbell Folk School

Aug 30 – Sept 5, 2009

Bill and I enrolled for a week at the camp and we both enjoyed it. Bill took stained glass and did some amazing pieces but he said he wouldn’t make anything else. He liked taking the course though and he has always been interested in stained glass so he was glad he took it and now he will take it off his bucket list.
I too “Thinking Like da Vinci “class with Maureen Ryan Griffin as the instructor. She has a new writing book out called “Spinning Words into Gold “and I look forward to reading it.
The class was very interesting and had a different take on writing and I always enjoy different ways of looking at things. The instructor was very good and engaging. She held our attention and I could tell she loves her work.
The classmates were the icing on the cake. We all got along so well and I think we will keep in touch. We had people from Ohio, Georgia, NC, SC and Kentucky in the class.
The whole experience was like a camp for adults. Our accommodations were very nice though. We stayed at the Farm House which is new and has a bathroom in the room and was more like a hotel room. That was not the case the last time I stayed there. We would both go again.
From Morning Song at 7:45 until the last event at night, it was a good experience. We were surprised at how exhausted we were but we went from early morning until late at night. The food was country food style and pretty good. We both figured out what classes we would like to take next. Bill wants to take black smithing and I want to take about ten other classes. LOL


Mary said...

It is so neat that both Bill and you went to a week at the John C Campbell Folk School. I have two friends (also husband and wife) who do the same thing every year. Each takes something of interest to them.

I am glad your "Thinking Like DaVinci" class was so interesting and the instructor so good.

Sounds like Bill and you will both go back again! Wonder what use Bill would have for blacksmithing? LOL.

I am glad you are back blogging again. It had been a while!

Victoria said...

Fun week that you and your love shared. Beautiful setting. I like Bill's attitude of trying stained glass in the class, making pieces, and not feeling pressure to contiue long term. I think I push myself to keep doing anything I ever start and that's a pain sometimes. Thanks for sharing your experience.

William said...

I enjoyed that folk school. Now I can do stain glass. Yea ! Should be hearing from the Vatican any day now. LOL