Thursday, September 17, 2009


Bill and I went to see my daughter, Angie, and my granddaughters and great grandsons in Tennessee. We were only able to see Angie and two granddaughters this time.
We spent most of the time house hunting. My daughter lives so far away from town and we have decided to get a place closer to everything.
Our hope is to share a home with them so that when we go there we will have a place to stay, and most of all to get them near stores and doctors, etc. We have bid on two condos but our offers were not accepted. We have just bid on a house now and I hope we will get that. We have a realtor working with us there so we will eventually get something.
Our granddaughters are doing so well.
Brittanie, our oldest, drives an ambulance and hopes to be a paramedic. Her boyfriend’s name is Coty. Brittanie is 24 and has three sons, my three handsome great grandsons.
My second granddaughter, Valerie, is 22 and is a dental assistant. Her boyfriend’s name is Jon. I have forgotten to take my camera in both times when we have met Valerie so I have no photos of her.
Alyssa is 18, just graduated from high school and is still at home. She hopes to go to college in the spring session. In the meantime she works at a McDonalds for a few days. If she gets closer into town she can work where she can get more hours. Her boyfriend’s name is Ira.
I have four granddaughters and three great grandsons; I just can’t believe it. There are so many wonderful happenings in my life right now. I hope we can get a place there in Tennessee so we can spend more time with everyone.
Brittanie owns a home and Valerie will be closing on a house this month. I am so proud of them and they are all such a blessing in our life.
I already miss them.


William said...

Love the pic of you and Angie with the dogs.

Mary said...

It was really nice to see the pictures especially; and I, too, loved the photo of Angie and you with the dogs. Good luck with house hunting.