Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

We have no trick-or-treaters here in the country. I thought I would hate that and I do on many levels but I suppose I also enjoy a peace in not celebrating for the first time in probably 50 years or so. I have the house decorated and my Little Sister, Hanna, enjoys the festive array of witches and the browns and oranges of wreaths and pumpkins. (Hanna has been my Little Sister in the Big Sister program for two years now. I usually pick her up on Saturdays now. She is nine years old)Mike, our nephew comes over on Saturdays and he may enjoy it, too, hopefully. Mike has been watching the play offs and the World Series with us and Bill and he would plan something else on that days before the series. We sure enjoy his visits and the family connection every week.
Back to Halloween: there are no trains of ghosts and goblins, princesses and action heroes coming to the door and mostly I miss that. Halloween brings good memories of when the kids were growing up. I can remember most of their costumes for I made a great deal of them. The costumes that come to mind right now: Brian as ET and Jeni as Pocohontas. That makes me smile. Here I am living on memories for this holiday but thats OK because Thanksgiving and Christmas are ahead and I live in the present there. :)


Bill said...

The holidays have always been your favorite time. I will always remember what you said about how you love Christmas because everyone is so nice to everyone. Neat.

Mary said...

It is nice that Hanna could enjoy your decorated house, and I am glad that you have good memories of Halloween when your kids were young. Lexi definitely looks like SHE is enjoying Halloween festivities.