Thursday, March 11, 2010

Third Annual Skywriter’s Retreat

I belong to a group of women writer’s called the Skywriters. We have been an online group for ten years and for the last three we have had a retreat/workshop in different places. This time we had the workshop in Palm Springs, CA.
I have never been to Palm Springs so that was a real treat to see what life in the desert was like. The most unbelievable part was that while in the desert we could look up and see the snow covered mountains. The flowers were all gigantic and in Technicolor. The grass and trees, shrubbery and leafs were all green. The frost had not affected this place like it has even in Florida. The desert flowers were so unusual and strangely appealing though some of them didn’t have much color. So much contrast here and so much beauty.Amazing! Thanks to two of our members, Diane and Mary, we received lodging at an incredible resort and had the use of two villas. We spent a whole glorious week at this resort. We cooked two meals in and ate out at some great restaurants. One in particular was memorable for not only the food served there but for the name, “Shame on the Moon”. We also had a delicious champagne brunch that Sunday at a Mexican restaurant.
We had a wonderful time but accomplished so much as well. Each of us had a day that we would make a presentation of some aspect of writing that we thought might help and inspire the others. Each of us also had a theme that we tried to write on that week. We did this last year and had two publications come from it. One from Peggy Goetz, Africa Unfinished, is an amazing book with her photography and poetry. The covers were so eye catching and everything was perfect. We also saw the finished product of Dolly Hawkins book about Costa Rica. This book is also incredible, made more special as a memento from our dear friend who passed away last year. I’m so glad her loved ones and friends were able to get her book completed. It was important that we honored her with a ceremonies and remembrances. That was a help to all of us.
We sure did accomplish a lot. We wrote, learned from each presentation, and got to know each other even better. I am adding these wonderful memories to the many others I have of these eight women. Thanks Diane, Mary, Lynne, Ann, Peggy, Diane B, and Victoria. I am so fortunate to be a part of this wonderful group of women who write.


Mary said...

Yes, it was a wonderful week... I am feeling a little nostalgic as I read your wonderful recap! So many good memories and tremendous writing and the friendship...ah, the friendship!

Victoria said...

I loved the Skywriters' retreat too Judy - sweet blessed week. Obvoiously I have finally found blogs again after having messed up my favorite places and will be checking regularly now.