Sunday, February 28, 2010

We Got It!

We got the house!!! I can't believe it. The realtor was willing to take less percentage so that the seller got what he wanted out of the house and we didn't have to pay more than we were willing. Woo-hoo. Did you all hear me screaming??? Life is good...

The home is in Tampa Palms. We have gone back full circle now. We began our Florida life in Tampa and we are going back now. North Tampa is growing like crazy and there are so many advantages to living in a place where there is so much new.

The shopping around us there is incredible. We live in the middle of everything. We live on four acres here in Plant City and we'll be moving to a subdivision again with little room between homes. I love that all the lawns are taken care of by the community. It's much like a 55 plus community (the good parts) but all ages live there. There is a community pool, golf course, club house, and tennis courts.
There will be so many changes that I can't even imagine what will be involved yet.
The house is half the size of the one we live in. I think we will move one room at a time from here to there; deciding as we go what will make it to the new house and what is garage sale. The big part of the changes I spoke of is the fact that we will have much less space and we will be forced to simplify our lives. I think I'm ready though.

This is the first home we have looked for where we look just for room for us. Not for all the company that MIGHT come, for all the parties we MIGHT have, for all the room we MIGHT need. This is a home for Bill and I to live and have little upkeep and just enjoy.

We will have a lot to do on the house before we move in. We'll start with the floors and put tile throughout. We have to put in new appliances and paint the outside. Since Jeni and Tom are buying this house we are in, we can take our time getting over there.

We will close the last day of March.
I have my surgery on March 16 so I won't be much good at anything for about a month I imagine, after the surgery. So, now that we have the house we will be taking our time because Jeni and Tom aren't in a hurry either. This new home will give me the push to get over my surgery quickly so I can get things done for the house.


Bill said...

Now the work begins but we will take our time.

Mary said...

I am so happy for you, Judy and Bill and wish you many happy years in your new abode.

You will have something exciting to look forward to after your surgery! I will be thinking of you on March 16 and after....

Nancy Simpson said...

Judy, Congratulations on getting your new house in Tampa. Save some room for your writing.

I was thinking of you this weekend and eating lots of Plant City strawberries. Spring is like the beginning of a whole new life here in the mountains. I'm wishing you the very best of health. Keep in touch.
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