Friday, February 26, 2010

Guillermo's Home

My nephew, Guillermo, is home on leave from Iraq. He came home to celebrate his twenty-first birthday. His mom and dad said they have seen little of him. He spends most of his time with his friends (of course) but it sure is nice seeing him.
Guillermo, Yamelis, and Wayne met Bill and me at Cheddars near Jeni's work so she could visit with him a bit on her lunch break. It turned out to be quite a long lunch break but it was so nice being together. We missed Tom but he had a meeting at his job and couldn't make it.
I'm still smiling from our time together though. What fun to be together even for such a short time.
Jeni has been sick for about a month now. She looks as beautiful as ever but very tired. She is going to work and school full time so that's a good reason to look tired. I sure hope she is better soon. She said she's had a headache for a month now. I hate that she is sick so long. I always want to make it better but I can't.
Guillermo looked tired as well from all his turning twenty-one celebrations. He looks so much more grown up. He also seems taller to us. He sure is changing and that is the way it's supposed to go. His mom is having a hard time though since he is her only child. I sure remember those empty nest days and what an adjustment it was for me. I feel for Yamelis but she is keeping busy.


Mary said...

How nice that you were all able to get together while Guillermo was home. I wish him well in Iraq. I am surprised he is in Iraq, as I thought they were winding down there and army was being sent home.

I hope Jeni feels better soon. So many long lasting sicknesses this winter, it seems. It sounds though that even if she is not feeling well her illnesses don't slow her down with working and going to school.

Judy Roney said...

I know that is surprising that he was sent to Iraq, Mary. Not just him though, there were many sent there. His whole platoon actually.
I saw Jeni last night at a wedding and she looked and said she felt like her old self. It's been a rough month for her for sure. She is going to work and to school at night so I imagine she wasn't getting as much rest as she should have. It was nice seeing her feeling good again.