Friday, February 26, 2010

Home Hunt

We have been searching diligently for a new home. We absolutely love our home here but it’s too big for the two of us. I want to live in a neighborhood surrounded by people, too. I have missed that living in the country on our property here in Plant City.
We looked first at 55 plus communities. We went to Sun City, Ave Maria, and Sarasota. We didn’t look any further away because Bill still works every day.
Conclusions: We don’t want to live in a 55 plus community. It’s just what we want on the one hand: convenience of all the amenities in the area, workout room, swimming pool, tennis courts, and activities...LOTS of activities. However, these people are old. I don’t think we met any 55 or 60 year olds. I know I’m stepping on toes to write this but it’s just not what we expected. Each home we looked at in Sun City had a lonely man or woman who had recently lost their spouse and had to sell to go be near their children. It was a bit depressing. I know we didn’t give it a fair trial or look but we left feeling that although they were very active communities, they were too old for what we had dreamed. Jeni’s in-laws live in one and it’s wonderful and I’ve never met more youthful acting, looking, feeling people as these two, and they love it there. I know it’s just us but for now, I don’t think that is for us.
We began to search in new communities where we thought there would more likely be younger old people. LOL In Sarasota some of the homes weren’t even built yet and everything was new and beautiful. However, we did think that the drive would be a lot on Bill in addition to his long days at work and auction. We decided to look closer to home, no further than Tampa.
So the hunt was on. South, North, and New Tampa became our hunting grounds.
South Tampa has beautiful areas but the homes are older ones. We realized we weren’t crazy about older homes (60’s and 70’s) . I don’t like older homes any more than I like antiques for me. I love to see them, walk in them, and appreciate antique furniture and furnishing. I’m truly awed by them. However, more modern surroundings and new makes me feel better if I’m living in it.
Our search has narrowed considerably. New Tampa. The search is on in a concentrated area that gets more concentrated as we look more. We found one in Tampa Palms and made a bid, it was rejected, they countered, we rejected, and now it’s back in their ball park. We don’t have much hope that they will take our offer now but we are sure that is the area we want to live so we will keep looking.
This place is like a 55 plus community in that they have a lawn service that everyone shares; they have a club house, golf course, tennis courts, and work out room that everyone living there has access to. The people are the young working to young with children to older and then old. Sounds just right for us right now. Now, if only we can get a house there. 
You’ll hear me screaming if we get one. I’m ready to move.

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Mary said...

Good luck getting exactly what you want, Judy. I hope to hear that scram of joy soon!