Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rainy Day Saturday

Bill got off work early so we could go to Lakeland's First Friday. This Friday they had dancing in the streets. The restaurants and stores would be open late for the event plus there was a car show. It had been raining hard during the day and we decided since the weather was good now that we'd take off for Lakeland. Before we got there the rain started pouring down. We were sad for the merchants and vendors, car enthusiasts and dancers because we were sure it would be called off. It was. However, we saw some restaurant lights on and a light on at Brooke Pottery. We weren't ready to turn back so, armed with our malfunctioning umbrella, we went to Brooke Pottery. This place is amazing, artists sell their works there. It's very pricey but so much fun to look at; rather like an art gallery. We enjoyed roaming around and found out it was their 22nd anniversary. They had wine and cheese and anniversary cake. We browsed, ate, and gabbed to others there and the store clerks. Since it was the only show in town, there was quite a crowd. They had a man who made balloon creations and he made a lady bug for me. Too bad it's going to's so cute!

Neither Bill nor I purchased anything but we did have fun and since my eye is still black and blue, purple and yellow, we fielded some questions about it. I told them Bill socked me a good one. Bill's reply? "She just won't listen to me!" LOL When I told the shop owners the story of my souvenir black eye from Cancun they were laughing and would bring others over to hear the story. LOL I didn't know a black eye could be such an ice breaker. I told them the story of wiggling my fingers (on my hand for every Dr. and then they finally told me, "No, wiggle the fingers on your feet!" LOL I signed up for a certificate for $220.00 as I left.

About the time we came home after dinner we received a call from the Brooke Pottery. I won the $220 gift certificate. How could that be? It had to be the rain!

After First Friday came First Saturday (cool huh?)and the Women's Expo was at Lakeland Center. I went and loaded my free expo bag with freebees from the vendors. What fun. Afterwards I went to pick up my gift certificate and trade it in for the clock I wanted. I still can't believe it even though I have the beautiful handmade clock from the shop in my home now. I would never have spent that kind of money but...I won it! I am too happy for words. This is a gift that keeps giving every time I look at my clock.

I can't believe it still but I do want to thank the rain! Without it I would be cheerless and clockless.



Mary said...

Glad you had such a good time at First Friday and how exciting that you won the $220 certificate. I am sure no one who knew you could ever believe Bill socked you a good one. No way. I love the clock that you got with your certificate. You were born under a lucky star!

Diane T said...

What fun to read about your First Friday, Judy. And how exciting that YOU were the one who won the $220 gift certificate. What a beautiful clock!