Sunday, February 28, 2010


A quilting class in Kissimmee is the most likely choice for learning to sew on my Bernina and taking a quilting class. I signed up and am going to beginning quilting for four classes. I will miss two of those four because I’m going to Palm Springs next week and the week after that is my pre-surgery Doctor’s appointment. So, I will be able to make those classes up later.
The women in the class are so much fun. I am enjoying just being with them; especially the instructor who is my age and her life seems to parallel. Wish I could find classes like these closer. The drive is over an hour and not practical in any way. I’ll take these four classes and search for something closer. If I learn to use this sewing machine, I won’t have to be so choosy about which class will teach Bernina. The machine practically runs itself so I guess what it really needs to work well is my time and effort to learn it. I had an old Singer before Jeni was born that I made her layette with and sewed her cloths and mine for years. The machine finally stopped working all together and that was the end of my sewing career. I did enjoy it. There is no comparison between this machine and the old Singer though. Oh, my. If I had had this machine back then I just marvel at what a difference it would have made. I had to coax and prod the Singer to work and spent so much time trying to keep it in order. Instructor keeps telling me that I don’t have to feed the material through the machine, just guide it. It’s the simple things that make life great. 
I hope to add a photo of my first lap quilt in another few months. (Hope)

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