Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vaneks Christmas Party

The Vaneks have a Christmas party each year
I know they spend so much time decorating
Because their home looks like a fairy tale of
Snowflakes and Santa, reindeers and many
Themed Christmas trees. Food is on every
table and counter in every room and the bar
is well supplied too. It amazes me to think
of what it takes to put on a party like this
each holiday season. I am just thankful
we are invited.

One of the fun events at the party is gift
Exchange. They play a game that makes
The time lots of fun and it gets pretty
Rowdy out by the pool where the exchange
Happens. There’s always a favorite gift
Item that makes its rounds and it’s
Impossible to guess what that gift will
Be. This year everyone was taking a Sponge
Bob Snuggly. LOL

 Frank Vanek built
Our home that Jeni and Tom now own.
His wife, Linda, is our title woman at
The car lot. Going to their beautiful
Home really puts us in the Christmas spirit.


Bill said...

Nicely done.

Mary said...

What a wonderful party! I can feel the enjoyment through your words.

Jingle said...

Happy 2011.

annell said...

Sounds like a fun party.

Sue J said...

Sounds like lots of fun!

Thanks for visiting my blog, too. Into our third week of mid 30C+s temperatures and it's not dropping below 24C at night. I'm melting!

Diablesse said...

your blog is full of life
How wonderful