Monday, December 6, 2010

Kaylee Addison DeLaby

I am a great grandma to Kaylee Addison DeLaby. She is a healthy baby girl who weighed 7lbs. 9 oz. at birth (Nov 30. She is without a doubt the most beautiful baby I have seen.

She is in Tennessee and I am in Florida. I feel this ferocious tug at my heart to get up there to hold her and see her in person. However, common sense is winning out most days. I would have to fly and right now that’s big bucks. I would be able to stay only a few days and that would stink. If I wait until January when all the hoopla here is over, I could take my car and spend what time I wanted to. I’m opting for January but it’s a struggle to wait.

Valerie and Jon (my new grandson-in-law) produced a star. Kaylee is absolutely precious and has so much hair; they put a bow in it when she was born. I can’t get over how perfect she looks. Her little face is so perfect. Her eyebrows look like they’ve been plucked. They look so perfect.

Yes, I am a dotting great grandma that she will call Mimi. I love that name and now will look forward to the day she calls me that.  I know her Mom and Dad are on cloud 9 as well as her Grandma (Gigi), my daughter, Angie. Kaylee looks so much like Angie did. I remember the nurse asked me if they could use Angie as a model to show everyone how to bath their new babies in a class. They said she was so beautiful and had so much hair she would be perfect. She was.  Angie got her first modeling job then the day after she was born. LOL

Hang on to that baby look and smell until January, Kaylee. Your Mimi is on her way!


Anonymous said...

She is so are right..I am a "Mimi" and it is the best ....blessings to all. CA

Mary said...

What a beautiful child, Judy! I am sure you can hardly wait to hold her in your arms....!