Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We gathered at Jeni and Tom’s home this year. Tom’s mom and her husband were there. I always look so forward to seeing them when these snowbirds come down in time for Thanksgiving. They are such wonderfully friendly and loving people. It’s a joy just being around them. They are so active in their community. They are ball room dancers and we took a cruise with them and some of the rest of their family. What a fun time that was. We took dancing instruction from them but we are hopeless cases. Still, the camaraderie and fun was still there. We loved each moment of it. Bill and I celebrated our 40th anniversary on that cruise through the Baltic countries. Amazing.

Tom’s sister, Pam, her husband, Greg and their three children were there. Their children have all grown so much through the years we have known them and they shock us in how much they have changed. Seth, their oldest child, has been too sick to attend the last couple of celebration so it was such a great feeling to have him there with us this year. He recently celebrated his 16th birthday. Marc is such a handsome boy and is fun to be around. Leah gets more and more beautiful. She has almost an exotic look (like her Mimi I might add) and she has the personality to match that beauty. Greg and Pam look wonderful but they always do.This year Greg’s mom and dad, Kitty and Jon and his aunt and Uncle Deanna and John were here. They were a delight to get to know and such a warm addition to this family.

Jeni and Tom were awesome hosts and their house and the grounds looked incredible. They have done
so much to the house in this last six months that they have lived there. It looks spectacular and is very warm and inviting.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Kay, Pam, and Kitty made practically the whole dinner at Pam’s house the day before. Jeni and Tom provided mashed potatoes and many desserts. I made desserts. What a life I lead, huh?

This is the first time I haven’t cooked Thanksgiving with an occasional exception in 40 years. I might miss
it someday, but not this year. It was a delight to just show up with my desserts and get all that joy in return.  The weather was perfect, too.
Oh, I should also say that Bill cooked one of the turkeys outside in the infra-red thingy cooker. It’s harder to tell when it is done that way so he took it out the first time too soon but then it cooked up nicely the second time around. Everything was just perfect.


Bill said...

It was strange saying goodbye after the party and we were the ones leaving.

gamer said...

HI! i hope you dont mind me looking at your photos they are lovely they came via my face book page, i noticed it particularly because of the name roney, my grandmas maiden name was roney, and just thought it was a coincidence, she had relations that went to canada to live, just thought i'd mention it.
lovely photos, regards eileen