Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Bill! November 10

Bill said he had one of his best birthdays ever. He received cards, phone calls, and three celebrations from family, friends, and employees. When he went to work at the car lot the guys there had a cake for him and gifts. He was able to share cake with customers at they came in that day.
I cooked dinner for him (that was a big shock for him! LOL). I made burritos and a chocolate cake. I gave him a leather jacket he can wear on his Harley. He’s stylin now. 
Then, we went to Jeni and Tom’s house for yet another celebration with ribs
And a cherry cheesecake!! This man had enough cakes this year for sure! Jeni and Tom gave him a bag full of gadgets and tools. He was a happy birthday guy.
While at Jen’s we also went through some Christmas things...the last bit of stuff we needed to go through at the house. That does it, we are officially moved out now for sure. Jeni and Tom let us keep it there until we got some extra time to go through it.
Bill is sixty-three years old now. I’m happy about that because I’m older than he is for four, at least until July, we are the same age. 

Happy Birthday Sweetheart. I love you!!


Mary said...

Happy birthday to Bill. With all of that eating (burritos, ribs, chocolate cake, cheesecake), it is amazing that he still stays so THIN! Nice celebrating.

Bill said...

It was a great B/D. Love you Hon.