Monday, November 1, 2010

Mary & Kevin's Rehearsal Dinner Oct 29, 2010

My niece, Mary and her husband-to-be had their rehearsal dinner at a park in Columbia, SC. It was a beautiful setting and the weather was perfect.

Kevin and his family provided a Low Country Boil for everyone and there were homemade desserts, hotdogs and lots of wonderful food. In my next life I am going to be a good cook. There was a fresh baked apple cake with cream cheese icing that was to die for. Honestly, I think everyone in this family cooks like this and so do all their friends! I do know that a close friend of theirs
(Brenda, Alvin and the family) made that cake. Judy Cooper is such a good cook, so is Co Sizemore and Cathy Brooks. Oh, my. I’d weigh a thousand pounds if I was around them long.

Bill went on about how beautiful Judy is and how nice she is but I knew all along that he just got a taste of that cake and it was all over for us! Oh, my, I have digressed totally onto food. I am a sick puppy.

So, back to Mary and Kevin. I was sorry I only got one photo of Mary and it is blurry. She was busy and so was Kevin so I just stopped taking photos.

We met Bonnie and James Clinton. Bonnie is my cousin that I united with on Face Book. I never knew Bonnie but there was a connection on FB and I just knew we would hit it off. She was like family already..pretty cool..since she IS family! ;) I just loved her when I saw her..just like I knew I would. I told her that she must be my long lost sister since we were so much alike. Since Marsha was going to be my brother, Mike’s name, if he had been a girl (after five boys we were SURE I’d finally have a sister. ) but NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO. I wouldn’t take anything for my baby brother but I still have visions of him in a skirt. LOL Now here is the weird part. I thought so from looking at his photo on FB but I couldn’t be sure. But, when I saw her husband James, my jaw dropped. Everything else on my bod has already dropped so I guess that jaw was the only thing left to sag. Sigh I told Bonnie, “HE looks like a McBroom!”. LOL Then Alvin said, “he looks like Dad”. OMG. He does! He looks like Dad and Mike. He has the same expressions. It blew my mine and my brothers as well. I had to hug him a couple more times until I suspected that James was hiding from me and I behaved myself. We STARED though, for we just couldn’t help ourselves. That was amazing to witness and be around. We got settled down as the evening wore on but James looked more like dad the more I was around him. Even his mannerisms, build, eyes, and hair were so much like dad’s (mostly absent on the hair). What a nice guy, too. I’d say that wasn’t too much like dad but everything else was. LOL

We had such a great time seeing family and old friends and meeting new family members.

The kids (young ones) have grown up so much and Lisa and Scott are expecting their little girl any day now after two boys. We are all so excited for them and they are so excited themselves.LOL Lisa is a tiny woman but her stomach is HUGE.
I hope she does have Clara soon or she might pop! They are such good parents, this will be one lucky little girls, spoiled by everyone including her two older brothers. Everyone should have such a blessed beginning.

One funny thing from my funny husband. There was a strange contraption on the picnic table beside us that had billowing steam like stuff coming out. Bill picks it up and takes a deep breath. “What is this he asks, studying it intently. He took a big breath of the steam and says, “It looks like something for asthma doesn’t it? “ Kevin comes over and takes it out of his hand explaining that it is a mosquito killer. Geez. What a guy, huh? LOL Bill is none the worse for wear and he gave us a laugh for the rest of the night.

I hope Mary and Kevin are always happy and build a wonderful life together. They make a wonderful family and look so happy and in love.Kevin has a couple of children, two and maybe three. He has a beautiful daughter and a handsome son. They both are so intelligent and the boy is an artist. He is a junior in highschool and the daughter has graduated. Mary just loves them to death and they her. That is as it should be for sure.


Anonymous said...

Love reading about your family celebrations..I have to say..your family knows how to celebrate and enjoy food and each other in a great many extended familities do not take the time to do that anymore..CA

Diane T said...

What a wonderful and fun family time! Beautiful write-up and photos.