Monday, October 25, 2010

Mary McBroom's Bachelorette Party

My niece, Mary, is getting married next weekend. This past weekend was her bachelorette party in Waynesville, Asheville, and Maggie Valley. Becky, her twin sister, planned the event and they invited their Mom and two of their aunts.
I was one of those aunts and Susie, Brenda's sister, was the other. I was delighted to be invited and we had such a good time.
Friday Bill and I met some of the girls coming in earlier, including Mary and Brenda, at Smackers. Then I went over to Al and Brenda's cabin where the lingerie party was being held that night. Mary got some cool things.

I had a hard time deciding between flannel PJ's and footed PJ's. I decided on flannels. LOL

We played pin the kiss on the hot guy and watched the Tennessee Alabama Game on TV. That game was not a wise choice because TN was beaten soundly by Alabama. sigh

Brenda, Susie and I came to our cabin here in Maggie so the girls could have the cabin to themselves.

The next day we spent in Asheville and went to the Spa of Biltmore for a bridal shower time. We had spa treatments and shopped at the Village.
The weather was perfect once again. Saturday night we had fondue at Al & Brenda's cabin and desserts and drinks.
Brenda, Susie and I came back to our cabin and Bill cooked breakfast for all of us the next morning. They all came over and we had a wonderful relaxing breakfast and coffee with the leaves in all shades of autumn on the mountains.
The bachelorette party is just a wonderful memory now and we all look forward to the wedding next Saturday. The wedding will also be a two day affair and three days for those who arrive early enough. Friday night there will be a Low Country Boil in a nearby park and I'm really looking forward to that.
Mary looks wonderful. She will wear her mother, Brenda's wedding dress, which really touches me. I didn't realize it was Brenda's wedding gown.
The wedding will be rather casual and I'm still trying to figure out what to wear.
Something fall-ish I hope if the weather remains cool.


flaubert said...

I used to live in Maggie Valley.
I have fond memories of that place.
Looks like a lovely party.

Mary said...

Judy, what a wonderful party this was! I love your description and your photos.

Anonymous said...

Happy, happy family! And Pamela used to live there, too? What a coincidence.

Thanks for your kind comments at Poets United on my blog. I love this and will check your other blog, too.

Peace, Amy Barlow Liberatore

Judy Roney said...

Pamela. What a quinkydink that you also lived in Maggie Valley. I sure hate to leave there each November but my sister in law called me to say it's 16 degrees in the mountains now! All of a sudden I'm glad to be back in Florida. :)

Bill said...
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