Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy, Happy

In October each year my daughter, Angie, and I decided to have a Happy, Happy celebration in Tennessee where she, my granddaughters, their partners, and my great grandsons live. It's called Happy, Happy because we celebrate everything Bill and I miss during the year including birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
This second annual Happy, Happy touched me so deeply. My daughter and granddaughter cooked lasanga one night and then for Happy Happy my daughter and all my granddaughters cooked dinner for us. It's gratifying to know what good cooks they are. They do not get that from me. LOL Everything was made from scratch and incredibly delicious.
Bill and I gave them all gifts and they gave us some precious ones as well. We were so touched with the thoughtfulness in the gifts. We had said no gifts for us but they didn't listen. We will have to be more forceful next year. ;)
I have started to upload my photos. I have had computer problems but cable guy fixed them today so I should be able to upload them now.
For now, Bill and I are still floating on a cloud thinking about the time we spent there with our loved ones and the memories we made. Our great grandsons are so precious. We just see their faces whenever we think of them. They are so cute (did I already say that?)LOL It's hard to think that I won't see them probably until next summer. We sure have some good memories to see us through though.
I am so proud of my granddaughters and the men they have chosen. When I'm not there I'm thinking about them. Life is really grand and now my family is growing in leaps and bounds. We are so looking forward to the new addition, Kaylee. It won't be long now.


Mary said...

What a wonderfully happy report, Judy. I am so glad you had such a nice family time in Tennessee! I look forward to seeing photos.

Bill said...

Those kids are beautiful !