Sunday, October 10, 2010


Bill made it here from Florida on Saturday in record time. It is so glad being with him and having him in the house here. Lexi and I are fighting over him I think. LOL Today we went to church in the morning and then out to breakfast and scouting out a few places that might have spas for my niece, who is having her sister's bachelorette party here in a couple weeks. My niece will be getting married in about three more weeks and we are all really looking forward to that. So many good things happening this month. Another niece, sister to the two I mentioned is having her baby around the end of this month as well.
Speaking of exciting times and celebrations; getting ready to head for Tennessee and the Happy Happy celebration that we have at my daughter's to celebrate all the holidays and occasions we miss throughout the year. I'm so excited I can hardly sleep but tomorrow is going to be a busy day so I'd best get some sleep.
This place is so gorgeous with the leaves changing colors. We took Lexi and went to Lake Junaluska for a walk and the place is just mesmerizing and every step we took provided another beautiful view. That is such a beautiful place. We are fortunate to live so close to the lake here AND be in the mountains. The view from the house here over the mountains is breathtaking as well. Life is so good.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy our time in the mountains with Bill and Lexie..and your Happy, Happy...what a great idea!
Looking forward to hearing more about it all. CA