Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

I had a nice trip to SC to spend Mother’s Day with mom. It was wonderful seeing her flowers and seeing her. She looked older and more frail than when I saw her last, not that long ago. I feel good for spending this time with her and doing for her for a few days and I hope to spend more time with her. Her body and hands are cripled and bent by arthritis and she tired more easily than before. Thankfully, she still likes to shop at Wal-Mart and we spent quite a long time there while she got groceries, and other things. She just becomes another person when she is going in the car somewhere but I can see a time when she won’t even be able to shop any longer. I want to enjoy it with her while she still can. She has a pink rose bush that is the most incredible I have ever seen. It's so full and heavy with roses. She loves her flowers and garden. I'm so glad she has a passion for them and it shows. Jasmine is around everywhere; up in the trees,all over the woods. They give off a heavenly scent and the whole area in SC is just beautiful.
On the way there I stopped at Sharon Harris’ home and spent some time with her catching up and finally, I met her husband after knowing her for probably 13 years now. Jerry is a handsome man and he put up with our chatter and laughter and even spent some time outside with Lexi. Of course I know how nice Sharon is but it’s nice to know how nice Jerry is, too. I saw photos of her kids and grands and learned something new about her . She goes all over with a group of women to Alan Jackson concerts. She’s a real groupie. LOL Anyway, she explained that Alan Jackson was irrelevant to her traveling all over. The big deal , though she does love Alan Jackson’s singing AND his looks, is that she does get to travel with this great group of women and she keeps meeting new people. Well, I would no doubt be a groupie now that I understand that. She sure has fun traveling the country and I’m glad to learn more about it. Distressing news is that her local bowling alley closed and Sharon is an avid and good bowler. This is a funny photo because I still don't know how to use my new camera and when Jerry tried to take photos of us it didn't work but I pointed the camera at us and there was that green light so I got the shot myself LOL
On Mother’s Day, I was going to take mom out for brunch but she was pooped. I understood because I wore myself out as well. LOL So we just had coffee and talked. Mom talked a lot about her childhood and she kept repeating stories but I listened to them and realized that the hardened arteries were probably a factor to her slight dementia. I say slight because I don’t believe it’s Alzeimers. I can see a time when she won’t be as self sufficient but for now, she is doing well and enjoying life. She has a small garden planted and takes care of her flowers , those things are her love. Her flowers were beautiful and spring time is definitely there in her area.
I’m very glad I have a mother this year to celebrate.
Jeni and Tom said they will celebrate mother’s day with me when I get back to Florida so this Mother’s Day is not over yet. They had Bill over for a steak BBQ today and they had a really nice day.
Bill sent me photos of Harley, who is our new dog that isn’t weaned yet and we won’t take home with us until the end of June. He’s a phatom poodle and he has a lightening bolt in white on his chest. Unusual and I think pretty coloring. Bill spent time out there with him and says he’s really cute. He has his eyes open and his hair is getting longer with more distinct markings. I can’t wait to see him and I am so curious about how Lexi will be with him.
Lexi had Leila, my brother’s dog, to play with at my Mom’s and she just loved that. Laila is much older and bigger but she is really good with Lexi. I’m dog crazy I guess. I would never have dreamed that we would ever have two dogs. I hope it works out well for us. He has to be a good traveling dog like Lexi or he won’t work out for sure. Lexi is the best traveler. I put her in her car seat and she’s a happy girl.


Sue said...

Thanks for sharing your visit with you Mom. Your new puppy is just precious.

Darrell said...

Judy: I'm amazed how much your Mom looks like Grandma. I guess as we all age, we'll either look like Grandma or Grandpa Jackson! I'm glad that you got to spend time with your Mom on Mother's Day. Notice I said "glad", and not "envious". I have my hard days, but I've been doing pretty well keeping things in perspective. Nothing I do can change the fact that Mom is gone, so I choose to hold on tight to all she was while she was here.

On a lighter note--you never saw yourself with 2 dogs? Maybe, just maybe sweet cousin, you are a wimp. (Or wimpess?) How about 4 dogs, a chinchilla, 14 fish, a leopard gecko, 4 cockatiels, 4 ducks, 3 goats, and 6 chickens?

Oh yeah--we don't travel anymore. There IS that downside! Love, Darrellonit

Darrell said...

Don't know why my name came up as Darrellonit, but, present any problem to me, and I will say, "Darrell--ON IT!"

Judy Roney said...

I did catch the sign off, "Darrellonit". I had a chuckle out of it and! LOL I am a wimp I guess when it comes to animals. If Bill had his druthers, he'd opt for no pets but he's loving Lexi and even the new "baby boy" already. It's that time in life when a pet is a good thing for us. I would not opt for more because I'd much rather travel and the cost of grooming and kennel and vet is enough to put a stop to any further expansion of pets at our place. I think it's wonderful that you have all your pets and farm animals. I read your email about your new chicks you watched hatch and I think that is such a wonderful thing for your kids to see. You sure are providing them all with life lessons and a fun life on the farm and you learn how to do those things yourself. I admire you so much for taking all that on. It's such hard work. You could send your writings off to a farming magazine somewhere. I love your writing.
I think you will age like your handsome father, whom you certainly take after. I don't think you will end up looking like Grandpa Jackson (or Grandma.LOL). You never know though, Grandpa Jackson was a very nice looking man as well. Enjoy your days on your farm.

Ann said...

Glad you are having a great time and were able to spend Mom's day with your mom, Judy!

Mary said...

What a wonderful daughter you are for making that journey to SC to spend Mother's Day with your mom. Good that she still finds things to enjoy in life. Walmart. Her rose bush. Etc. I know you will never regret the time you spent with your mom. I think it is neat that your mother spent time talking about her own childhood. I do wonder what her childhood was like. I am sure you were a good listener, even though she repeated stories.

Harley is certainly a cute little one. I know you will love him so much, and I hope he and Lexi get along well. I do think it is neat to have two dogs, and I have always heard that if one has two dogs one should have a boy and a girl. (Of course, I didn't listen to my own knowledge...LOL.) I wonder if Bill will be his favorite? I think it is nice when people have two dogs that each dog favors one person. I do hope Harley favors Bill but loves you too.

Neat that you stopped at Sharon's and Jerry's home. I knew that she went all around with her Alan Jackson friends. LOL. I think this is really neat to be so excited about a particular star and to follow him as she does. I think it keeps a person young! I wish I had a 'star' like this that I really would want to follow.

Judy Roney said...

Mary, I am hoping Harley becomes Bill's dog, too, but since Bill is gone so much and I'm the one that is with them all the time, I have a feeling that they will both be my dogs. I will hold out hope though. Bill goes to visit him at the breeder's house while I'm not there so that's a good sign. They are already calling him Harley.
I told Bill the next time he goes to make sure he takes a photo so I can show Mary. LOL That's how I got this last photos of him in this blog post. LOL Interesting that you heard a boy and girl dog would be best to have if you have two dogs. I hope that is true.
It really was amazing listening to Sharon talk about all the people she has met from all over on her travels with Alan Jackson. :) I think that is something I would like to do but can't think of a singer I'd want to follow. One other thing she told me is that as part of his fan club, they get second row seats at his concerts. Imagine that! Alan Jackson has got to recognize her by now! It sounds like so much fun going to ne cities and towns and meeting so many people ...hmmm, very much like HCC. :) I guess that is why it appeals to me. Alas, there is no singer I would follow though, no one that sticks out or i could even pretend enough interest in. Perhaps that will change. :)

Victoria said...

Your mother's pink rose bush and the smell of jasmine - yum! YOu are a thoughtful daughter taking a celebration to your mother while she can still enjoy it.

Mary said...

Judy,it makes me smile to think that you told Bill to take a picture of Harley so that you could show me. He is so cute. It is neat that they are already calling him Harley at the breeder's.

The breeder of Tulip and Violet said she never names puppies, as once she names them they become hers. She waits until they are placed. I can understand that. Our breeder has three little boy dogs available right now. Once in a while I plant a seed and say that I see "Cactus" (boy dog name) at her site, but it never works!! I really could be a crazy old woman surrounded by dogs, I think. When we stop traveling as much as we do now, I dream I will have another dog. I just keep holding out hope. But then I think I would want a FOURTH dog. I guess it has to stop with two. Sigh.