Monday, May 4, 2009

North Carolina Sunrise

I woke up to an orange and yellow sunrise over the mountain tops. A bird was outside my window on a tree with leaves the new green of spring. The weather is cool and a breeze makes the thin branches look like mobiles swaying; the bird song gives the mobile it's chime. I'm overcome with the beauty of it all. The mountains are so rich with the color of green in a thousand shades. It takes my breath away.
Speaking of birds, I have a cardinal here that keeps running into the window...crashing really. It's been going on for days and I don't know how to stop him. I've opened the window, really thinking that would be a better alternative to the bird dying.
So then he goes over to the patio window and starts crashing into that. I can't put cardboard or something outside on that window because it's one I can't reach for the decks. I've had a few talks with this self destructive bird, tried shewing him away, and Lexi had a good talk with it last night and I thought that did the trick until he started crashing again this morning. There is a bird house store in Waynesville and I'm going to stop in there to see if they have any suggestions. What a phenomena. I've never seen or heard of anything like it before.
I'm thinking about making it a little crash helmet but, you know birds, I can't be sure he'd wear it. sigh I'll figure this out somehow.
It's glorious here with spring coming to the mountain. The dogwoods are blooming thick and dotting the countryside with white.
I've had my cup of coffee so will be off into town to run some errands and get set up for a few of my classes. I'm not going to get too involved since I will only be here a month at most. I'll come back in July and really dive in.
Yesterday I went to Wordfest in Asheville. It was the last day of it at Malaprops Bookstore (my fav!) and I'm so glad I was there. I heard the poets Paul Allen, Jr, Landon Godfrey, and Debora Kinsland Foerst read their poetry. It was wonderful sipping a capachino and hearing their words from their mouths. I am still singing one of the songs Paul sang today. (Wish I could get it out of my head!) LOL
I love the thought expressed on the Wordfest t-shirts. "Poetry Changes Things".
Off for more adventures today.


Sue said...

The bird is seeing his image and attacking another bird. I have this problem sometimes. Can you cover it from the inside so it will not show a reflection? We also hang CD's by string in different areas. The sparkling light as it rotates in the breeze sends them away. This has happened here for years and I have never had one kill itself yet. It is terribly obnoxious to listen to though. LOL.

Judy said...

Itried cardboard yesterday but evidentley he could still see his reflection. I will try hanging something shiny now if he's still here. I just got in and not sure whether he is still trying to crash and burn or not. I just hurt everytime I hear him crash and think he's at least knocking himself silly but he'll do it 5 or 6 times in a row, take a break, and start at it again. It wakes me up in the morning as well. So far, all is quiet since I returned home. Maybe he found out that window was a lost cause.

Peggy said...

My this is a persistent bird Judy. Talk about scaring himself silly. Perhaps it is best if this particular bird does not get around to reproducing--wouldn't want a whole flock of window crashers. I imagine the shinny things will work.

I love your description of the mountains coming into spring. My immediate thought was--get painting all those greens! (that never seem to come out well in photos). The poetry reading sounds really good too. I think I need you to plan my days!

Is there a link on here somewhere to your poetry blog? I have lost the link--could you send it again.

Mary said...

Oh what a beautiful sunrise! Brings back happy memories. How sad that the cardinal keeps running into your window. I will be interested to find out if you get any answers.

I envy you going to Wordfest. Sounds glorious. It has been a while since I have heard poets read their works, and it is always inspiring when I do!

Bill said...

Make sure the helmet is motorcycle approved and the little fella and I can do some riding.

Judy said...

I will make sure the little guys helmet is approved for riding, Bill. LOL Thanks for my laugh of the day. Update: he's still here, still ramming his head into the window. I can't reach the second floor without a huge ladder that I don't have and I wouldn't do it if I had a ladder! I have put different coverings on the window to no avail. He finds another window. The best solution so far is I leave the door open on that second floor so when the bird starts, Lexi goes out yelping at him to cut it out and he does for a few hours...before beginning again. Guess I should have gotten a dog with a bigger bark. Bird boy wakes me up early each morning crashing into the window at a steady clip. I know there has to be an answer to this delema but I'm out of ideas. I hung a crystal but didn't try the CD, Sue. I'll try that today. I was worried about the little guy getting a head ache. Now he's given me one! LOL
Mary, I'm so glad you have memories of this place as well. I think often of the group of women here for that week. We sure had fun. I started to say writing group but it was an HCC group, huh. What fun...I can still taste the meals and see us all here. I loved that Bill was our tour guide, too, so we could just have fun. Great memories.

Diane T said...

I too have such great memories (and pictures) of the North Carolina sunrises. What a good time. I can picture the places you write about now and can also imagine how disturbing it would be to have that poor bird hitting his head against the window. I don't understand why he just doesn't move on.

Sue said...

If it helps...once breeding season is over the bird will stop.

Judy Roney said...

Breeding season...what a hoot, Sue. I just realized that this poor little bird is infatuated with HIMSELF! LOL That's why he doesn't leave...he's in love. How funny this is. Sad, but funny. LOL
I remember you, Diane, in the rocker here at the cabin and the beautiful sweater you knitted for Lexi. You are certainly one of the best cooks I know because that is a great memory of mine...the meal you and Mary prepared. Yum! It is good to see a place where a person lives so when they write about KNOW where they are and usually the places they are talking about.

Victoria said...

Beautiful pictures of mountain spring I've3 never experienced. What a misadventure of the poor narcicistic cardinal.