Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Full Circle - Amsterdam

Back to the Netherlands. Bill and I spent the night at the Sheraton Airport Hotel before flying out the next day. We didn’t want to be stressed if it took longer to get off the ship than we anticipated. Our first cruise took forever and we were fit to be tied when we finally got off. This time the disembarkation (or whatever it is called) went smoothly and quickly and we could have easily caught a flight out in time. We are glad we stayed the extra night though because the airport there was wonderful.

We didn’t realize how tired we were from our grand vacation. It had a whole mall inside and a 24 hour coffee shop. It was amazing and perfect. We rested, people watched, enjoyed our coffee and meals and some calming down time together. We began reliving our cruise already.
There was a prototype electric car at the airport that looked futuristic and interesting,

I am so glad we were able to stay over the extra day because we were able to go to the Van Gough Museum. I was blown away by all the famous paintings I have seen in pictures through the years. To see the originals was mind boggling. While leaving the museum we saw several people get off a bus with bikes folded.
I was also able to get some souvenirs for people that I wasn’t able to find before. Things were so high and cheaply made it seemed or you could buy the incredibly expensive stuff which didn’t appeal to us at all. We were able to get some delftware for my dish collection in NC, some tulip bulbs from Holland for Mom, and something for shirts for Jeni and Tom and some chocolates from Amsterdam for the employees. I was even able to get Hanna (Little Sister) one of the stacking dolls from Russia. There just weren’t a lot of choices throughout our trip. I was surprised about that.
Back to the real world. We noticed that no one called us madam and mister when we got off the boat, people wanted us to pay for our meals and they weren’t even gourmet. We had to go to sleep in a bed that wasn’t gently rocking to the sea. This could be quite a culture shock for us.

Going home sweet home.

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