Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My brothers, sisters-in-laws, and I went to SC to celebrate Mom’s 83rd birthday. We had such a great celebration that started the 4th and went on through the 5th. It was nice being there together to celebrate for the first time in decades I’m sure. Mom looks good; like she feels even better than the last time I saw her. She wasn’t in the best of moods though. I overheard her on the phone telling someone how we all came to celebrate her birthday so I think she was glad we were there but maybe she’ll have to look back on it to be happy.LOL When she gets like that (cranky), it’s really hard to be around her and I don’t know why she doesn’t know that. She doesn’t understand why people don’t come.
She made a wonderful ham (her claim to fame, that and peanut butter fudge)and Brenda, my sister in law made potato salad, squash casserole, and honey bun cake, blueberry pound cake, and peach cobbler. I made some baked beans and got Mom a birthday cake that turned out to be a good one. Brenda is an incredible cook and she made it really special for all of us really. Mom got a lot of gift and cards.
My niece Mary and her boyfriend and his two children stopped by and we got to meet him for the first time. My niece Lisa and her husband, Scott came by with their two boys, Hudson, and Harrison. Hud and Harrison are growing up so fast and are so precious. The most moving moment of the day was when Al, (Papa), got out his harmonica and also Hud and Harrisons and they played. It was too wonderful for words.
Mom picked a sprig of her crepe myrtle and put it on the table in a vase; that was also a moment.
It was so nice being there with everyone and I’m glad we were there for Mom. I just wish I knew better how to deal with her moods. I think I have a handle on it mentally and emotionally but then I don’t. I sometimes think she could use an anti depression med or therapy but I doubt she would go for either one of those options. I worry about her sometimes, especially when her irritability seems to get worse. She seems so full of rage and it comes out at the strangest times over the smallest things.
Onward to the mountain home in NC.


Joy of Having said...

...diversity is the spice of life...if your mother's irratic behavior is irritating...please consider her age...and anticipate your behaviour at this age...genes are inherited...acceptance will go up...nice place....cheers!!!

Judy Roney said...

You are right. I thought twice about posting this post and did it anyway because sometimes someone will say something that helps and helps me figure things out. You helped me figure out that she does have a right to be what she is and who she is at her age. I do get scared a lot that I will be angry and negative as I get older. I know it's easier to do than fight against it. I will keep fighting though. I do accept Mom the way she is but always wish for more for her. I wish she lived a happier life and I am of the belief that a lot of it is choice, hard work but a choice. You have me thinking though. :)

Mary said...

Wonderful that so many of you came to celebrate your mom's 83rd birthday this year. The spontaneous and unexpected harmonica playing does sound special. Despite some difficult moments, I am sure you and those in attendance will have nice memories to share with one another. The days, I think, are about ALL of you and what you will take away from them in your heart. Glad your mom had a nice meal and got gifts and cards. A very lucky mother is she!