Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bill and I just had dinner at Jeni's house. Tom cooked ribs and hamburgers and chicken wings..yum! Tom's mom, Kay, and step-dad, Alan, were there and so were Jeni and Tom's good friends, Karla and Bob. It was nice meeting Karla's mom and step-dad who just moved here from upstate New York, Saratoga Springs. They are so enthusiastic about all things Florida and fun to talk to. Karla is one of the women giving Jeni her bridal shower/bachelorette party in March. She is such a sweetheart and now I know where she gets it from. We wo;; be seeing more of them in the coming months. Greg,Tom's brother- in –law, came with two of his kids(Marc and Leah), while Pam, Tom's sister, was in Atlanta to get treatments for their other son, Sean. Anyway, it was a wonderful time and lots of good food.

Kay and Alan will be going on a cruise to Amsterdam, Russia, and many other places in June and they brought over the brochure and we are considering going even though we are reluctant to say yes. We took the one "cruise from h—" about 15 years ago and we still aren't over it. It sure sounds interesting though, and even more so because Kay and Alan will be there AND they will be teaching ball room dancing. Dance lessons, new sights and places we haven't been to is tempting! We have until June to decide so we'll think some more on it. Well, actually the ship leaves in June so perhaps we'd best decide sooner. We hear so many wonderful cruise stories but ..oh, my. I think of being force fed and 50 foot waves and it takes the enthusiasm away again.

Jeni and Tom's new hardwood floors are beautiful. The reason for the gathering was so we could see their new floors. They are remodeling their home bit by bit. They were going to sell it because Jeni had already sold her home and then get one together but when they started looking around I think they realized how lucky there were that Tom purchased that home several years ago at a good price. It looks like they are staying there. It sure is a good location for them, too. Just about five minutes from Jeni's job and maybe 20 to Tom's.


Mary said...

It sounds like you had a great time at Jeni's house. Good company, good food, friends, family, what more could one ask for!

I will be anxious to hear whether or not you will go on the cruise. I have enjoyed greatly the cruises we have taken....but haven't done one to Russia / Amsterdam which you are thinking about.

Peggy said...

What a fun time with Jeni and the rest. You and Bill certainly know how to have a good time. The cruise sounds like it could be fun--but our only cruise experience was also not a good one so I would not be a good person to make a recommendation.

Victoria said...

What a delightful visit with Jeni, TOm and family. As for the cruise, I've never taken one so I'm not one to ask.