Thursday, February 26, 2009

Retreat Day 1

Thursday, February 26, 2009, began the second annual Skywriters Retreat held at our house. We had a great day and accomplished a lot.

We were given the first assignment last night and this morning we had "morning pages" and wrote until everyone was finished.

Diane started the retreat with an opening ceremony. She lit a candle and read from her work she had written just for us and this occasion. It was amazing. I even got some tears in my eyes because it was so poignant and so true! J She did an amazing job and got retreat day started off right.

We wrote an opening "hook" poem (an idea taken from Robert's Poetry blog on Writer's Digest for the November poem a day contest), for our themed chapbooks and then read them aloud. I was blown away by the level of work that was completed today. After that we had lunch and Ann showed us how to bind books made from paper bags. It's a great idea and one I intend to show Hanna (Little Sister) how to do so she can make them for her Aunts for Mother's Day.

We had discussions about chapbooks with themes and the value of them and then Dolly gave us the afternoon prompt which was taken from Natalie Goldberg's newest book. The prompt was to capture our most memorable moment and to be very detailed. I wrote about the time I met Bill for the first time and how that felt etc. The others wrote poems relating to their theme and, again, it was incredible work. I guess I'm amazed because I didn't think we would have the level of focus here at this house as we did at Big Bear, California. That has not been true at all though. Everyone is very serious about producing this week and produce they do.

It was Peggy and my turn to cook. We grilled salmon (with Myers lemon taken from our tree), had asparagus and Peggy made an incredible, colorful and yummy salad. We made Strawberry Shortcake for dessert.

Then it was time for a nice soak in the hot tub and a glass of wine. It was so relaxing after that big dinner so I think I could go to sleep very easily right now. The others are out on the patio talking and I thought I'd try to provide something on my blog each day.

We had a great day and Lexi is really enjoying all this attention.

Tomorrow morning we will be writing again from Robert's prompt from the Nov PAD, Day 2. We will be writing a Declarative Poem. We will try to write it from someone else's opinion.


Peggy said...

Great reporting Judy!! We are having a wonderful and productive time!

Mary said...

I am thrilled that all is going so well. It sounds like you all are inspired and creative! Bravo. I will be excited to read more. Thanks for sharing the themes of yesterday and today. I am trying to keep up here in my own way and appreciate that greatly!

Victoria said...

Yes Judy, thank you - great reporting and I'm envious. Almost wish I had made the decision to try to go - but it would have been crazy hard for me. I am even having trouble writing from here - but will Saturday through Monday at least. Miss yoyu all.