Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Skywriters Writing Retreat 2009

It has begun. :) Peggy and Lynne arrived last night. You'd think I hadn't seen them in a year the way I acted. Wait, it HAS been a year. LOL Bill asked me if I was nervous about my friends coming here for the retreat. No, not at all. Nice to have friends with this kind of comfort level. I suppose we should have after 10 years of being a Skywriter. I feel the same way about seeing and being with any of my HCC friends, just delight, no angst. :)
Bill treated us to an evening at Columbia Restaurant. We had a wonderful meal and floor show of the flamenco dancers. What a nice introduction to Tampa, Ybor City, and Florida. Neither of these women have been to Florida before. I find that amazing and fun for us to show them our little capsule of Florida here

Peggy and Lynne are still on California time. We were up at 1 talking this morning and they are still asleep this a.m.
Diane and Dolly arrive today and then Ann will be here tonight to round out our group of six for the retreat.
We sure will miss Victoria, Diane and Mary but hope to see them next year.
Positive vibes here. We are hoping our muse is at work and we crank out some stellar works here this week. We will be a sequestered group from Thursday until Monday, working away at our art. See, I'm already waxing poetic, donchathink? LOL

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Mary said...

It sounds like you are off to a great start. I am sure it was fun to show Lynne and Peggy some of your part of Florida. I am SURE that your muse will come through for you, and I am looking forward to reading the 'results.'

I miss you all!