Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Kevin, our nephew from CA (Bill's sister's son), came to spend a week with us. What a joy it has been. Kevin is married to a beautiful woman and has three beautiful girls now. His life obviously suits him very well because he looks so good and is all grown up. :)

Kevin stayed with us for a year about three years ago. I can't believe it's been that long. We sure did miss him and still do. We were able to travel to CA last year to spend time with him and his family. It's such a joy having him back here again for a visit.

When he was here before, Bill and he got into all kinds of things like a couple of kids. (Building zip lines through the trees, etc.) Bill was in 7th heaven. They rode their motorcycles all day long some times. I think Kevin is the only one that can keep up with my husband in his love for riding and it's such a joy to see them laughing and carrying on as if Kevin had never left. I wrote this poem this morning about seeing them ride out our gate.


I smile as you ride away on your Harley
behind your uncle and wave at me.
Is this what it would be like to have
a son alive and follow his day
out the gate behind his father. You
look back and salute with that

smile on your face that makes me laugh.

When you are out of sight I freeze.

The tears fall freely. Yet again
I have mixed the two of you.

Judy Roney

Bill goes through these times with Kevin and thoughts about our son, but we know what it is and just keep going. It's such a joy having him here.

We met Jeni and Tom at Sinigual (or something like that). It's a new Mexican Restaurant that we've been wanting to try. The food was dissappointing to me but the company was wonderful. We always seem to be celebrating something when we get together (sometimes even if we can't decide exactly what we are celebrating. LOL Last night we celebrated Tom's Birthday, Kevin being there with us, and life as it is. It was so nice being together and we made some more plans for Jeni and Tom's wedding. I love seeing them together. They are excited about their wedding and the Bridal party is next month, then when they return from Antiqua, we will have a party for them here (in May). Things are coming together.
Life is good.


Victoria said...

It is so poignant and so understandable, what you and Bill go through with Kevin and memory of Bryan. Hugs to both of you.

Mary said...

I am so happy that you have your time with Kevin. I do remember when he stayed with you...my goodness, was it three years ago already? How quickly time passes.

Your poem is wonderful.

Your dinner with Jeni and Tom sounds terrific. So exciting as the time approaches that they will marry. I wish them the VERY best...and I know you will have a wonderful party for them once they return home from Antigua!

Sue said...

Sounds like a wonderful visit. Why is it that joy and pain go together so often?

Bill said...

Very nice. Great pic. I do enjoy Kevins visit as we seem to share a lot of common interest. One thing better would be to see you riding with me. LOL

Peggy said...

Loved reading about Kevin's visit and seeing the photos. I had been checking for new postings on your blog ever since you got back from CR but for some reason my link was stuck to the last one before you left. FINALLY, I noticed you had some Feb postings posted in that column on the right and here they are!
What a handsome family you all are--and you are looking great!

Lynne said...

such heartwarming words and photos, Judy. I feel your vast love for Kevin as I feel your bittersweet emotions too. I have the feeling Brian is content that you have Kevin so much a part of your life.