Sunday, January 11, 2009


I had a few rewarding days. Yesterday I spent time with my two friends that were in separate freak accidents that left them at this point going through really rough times just doing simple things. They find themselves in wheelchair and/or walkers and it's quite an adjustment and will take a long time to get back to where they were before their accidents. They live fairly close together so I was able to visit, fix lunch, and straighten up a bit for them. I feel so bad for them both and realize we never know when something might happen to incapacitate us. I'm very thankful for the simple things in life like being able to go to the grocery without having to depend on others. One friend is doing much better than the other and I'm hoping the best for both.

Today I spent most of the day with Hanna, my Little Sister. She actually finished her butterfly painting. It will have this week to completely dry and we will take it to be framed when I pick her up next week. She was happy with her accomplish last week when she came back and she added another butterfly. I always have a problem knowing when I am finished with a painting. I keep going back and making changes. Not Hanna. She said, "I'm finished", washed her hands and that was that. LOL

I also finished my window scene. I will be doing three of windows we saw in Italy and this is the first. We were both pretty proud of ourselves and very happy to sign our names to our work today.


Mary said...

I like thinking about the idea of 'rewarding' days. How nice that you were able to help out your two friends...both on one day. I am positive that your visit and helpfulness MADE their day.

I love the photo of Hanna and you painting. As far as Hanna knowing exactly WHEN she was finished, well....I would say that's kids! I think it is so neat that you saw that she carried through on this project from start to finish and now will even have her work framed for her.

Glad you finished one of your three window scenes. Fun to see a photo of the artists in progress.

Peggy said...

Rewarding ordinary days are such a gift, Judy. I love reading your blog with all the things you describe and talk about. You really look great in the photos as well!

Diane T said...

It is wonderful that you are working with Hanna on painting AND continuing to paint!

Nancy Simpson said...

Hi Judy, It is good to see your smiling face and to see you painting.

My Carolina Kitchen said...

Judy, what a wonderful thing you did helping your friends. It's amazing how little things mean so much.