Friday, January 2, 2009

Lasts and Firsts

Poetically speaking: I did manage to get two submissions of my poems off before the old year ended. I sent a chapbook submission to Writer's Digest poet, Robert Brewer and some of my poetry with no theme to a publication in North Carolina. I did not set submissions as a goal for last year but I just had such a good feeling to rush those two works off to the powers that be before the year ended. Now looking forward. Still no goals writing wise but I think I should make a belated one that I should at least send some work in to publishers. Getting work ready to send it harder and more time consuming than writing!

Artistically speaking: I did not do anything with my art and this past year and only painted three oils I think. Not a good thing. I wish to do more this year and show more. Bill and I just dropped off four of my paintings at the Medical Arts Center in Walden Lakes and they look pretty darn good if I do say so. I love seeing them displayed like that. I will be showing my art from now until May at different places throughout the city. I like the idea of having my art work there at the Medical Arts center but I hope that they don't make anyone sick. LOL Monday I take one (Lexi) to the Library and it will be there with other art from other artists this month. They get a lot of attention there through the two newspapers and flyers etc so that is a good thing.

SO, I'm trying to be more diligent in this aspect of my work..getting it out there.


Mary said...

Congratulations on getting yout poetry submitted. I was happy too to have mine submitted to Robert.

Glad you are showing your art at the Medical Arts Center and the library. They definitely DO deserve attention.

Peggy said...

Wow Judy. I am impressed with all your success at getting your writing and your art "out there." You are so creatively gifted--and that makes you a gift to the world! I have not seen the leaf painting before. I like it!

Darrell said...

Happy New Year Judy, Bill, and Family! We had fun over the holidays, and tomorrow the kids go back to school. Now OUR Winter Break begins! Congratulations on your submissions, Judy, but even more impressive to us were your paintings. I had no idea. You are extremely talented. I was blown away by the cowboy picture. And the Lexi painting too. Very good.

Something happened a few weeks ago, that I think I neglected to tell you. As you know, we moved into our new house about 15 months ago. And, having 4 children, we are STILL not completely done unpacking boxes. It is our goal to have everything done by February. Of some future year. Anyway, Mary was going through a box a couple of weeks ago that had mementos from our wedding in it. In the box, there was a card, from Grandma Jackson, congratulating us on our marriage, and inside the card was a $5 bill! Somehow, we never got the money out of the card, or we figured it would just be more sentimental to just leave it in there. It was just cool to know that Grandma Jackson was the last person to touch that $5 bill. Needless to say, it will never be spent. It's worth way more than $5 to me.

Hope your 2009 is all that you hope for, and then some. Love, Darrell, Mary, Jake, Sammy, Avery and Elliott

PS Dad's 80th birthday is on January 10th. Could you please send him a card? I'm trying to make it as special as I can from this distance.

Judy said...

Darrell, I didn't know that you had not seen any of my paintings or drawings. Thank you for your compliments.
I laughed at your goal of getting all the boxes unpacked in February (of some future year!). Good luck on achieving that. Sounds like you just need a good room to stuff the boxes in and you'll be OK.
I am so happy that you found such a treasure. Finding Grandma's card and $5 bill was such a blessing to all of you I know. I'm smiling just thinking about it. However, I have to be honest and tell you I am jealous about your $5. I am from the $1.00 generation and I think you must have been special indeed to get 5. :( I hope that doesn't mean she loved you more. Bruce, Dean, and I have always had a fight over who she loved more. LOL Grandma told us all we were her favorite. Then here comes a dark horse, YOU! Drats, life is full of sucker punches. LOL
Happy New Year to you, Mary and your children.
I'm glad you told me about your Dad's 80th coming up. Hard to believe. Please send me his address so I can send him a card. I hope he has a wonderful day.

Victoria said...

Eciting about your submissions. You are such a strong writer - words of power from gut and heart. And I love the painting of the leaves! Cool that your work is being shown in your town. I bet it gives much pleasure.