Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Bill and I go to the YMCA each day to work out. We entered a contest "Campaign to Maintain" our weight through the holidays. We won third place and received a YMCA towel. The towel isn't important but the fact that we two (old farts) would win third prize. We are still high fiving each other on that accomplishment. They have a sign up now listing the winners on a cork board. Makes me smile. You win by attending (and not gaining weight) and working out for so long when you go. I think these little contests are helpful and spur us on to do better. I wish there were something that would spur us on to eat better now but I don't see that happening. One step at a time I suppose.

My little sister and I are on the newsletter and promotion for the Big Brother/Sister program. I can't wait to show Hanna when I pick her up on Friday. I take her to the YMCA with me when she's not in school and the Y is putting the newsletter up so she will see it when I take her again. She learned how to swim there last summer and that was a real joy to see her learn and the pride she felt when she did. Click here: Big Brothers Big Sisters

My brothers and their wives, and Bill and I are preparing for our trip to Costa Rica. I am only preparing mentally because I don't have a thing packed. There always seems like so much to do. I'll pack this weekend. That's big on my mind though I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off right now trying to get everything done. This is such a great thing we are doing, traveling together like this I think. We had such a great time in Key West last year and it's a great opportunity to bond and kind of put the world aside while we explore and spend time together in different places. I'm so glad we are doing this. There's so much going on around here right now though, I'm going to need to focus.

We have some sad news. Mike's girlfriend's, mom just passed away and they are up North for the funeral. If you see our Thanksgiving blog, you can see her, Cecelia, in those photos. She had Alzheimer's and was in her 90s but she was so healthy and fit otherwise. She was a card and we enjoyed her so much. I'm so glad she was able to come for Thanksgiving. We had looked forward to getting to know her better and this was sad news for all of us who knew her.

Photo of Cecelia and June in Nov. 2008...

I go to the dentist tomorrow which is something I'm dreading but it will be nice to get my permanent bridge before I go to Costa Rica or somewhere and have the temporary fall out. So, I'll be happy that I'm going. (YIKES)

Now for the good news (I hope). The local news magazine called me this morning and asked if they could do an article on me and my paintings. They will meet me on Friday at the library. I have a painting of Lexi hanging in the library and I guess that is how they decided to do the article. I'm nervous but very excited about that. We'll see how that goes. I had to cancel my lunch with Jeni to go to the library on Friday so they better make it worth my time! LOL


Mary said...

Congratulations on coming in third in the YMCA contest. That is absolutely terrific.

Congratulations also on the news magazine going to do a story on you and your paintings. Be sure to share....

Do enjoy your family trip to Costa Rica. Really neat how your family travels together like this.

Victoria said...

Exciting about the YMCA contest, the picture with Hanna being used, and especially about the news magazine - how cool! Exciting about Costa Rica too, hope you all thoroughly enjoy Condolences regarding the death of Cecelia.

Peggy said...

What an uplifting and energizing post Judy. Made me feel peppy just to read all that you are doing.

Several very exciting things going on--the contest at the Y, the article about your painting, the newsletter and you upcoming trip.

I totally agree that going on trips together is a great thing for an extended family. My aunt and mom used to organized camping trips for our large extended family (my dad's and my uncles'side actually. And they were really great. I miss them alot since they have faded from our lives.

Good to catch up with all that is going on in your life!

Lynne said...

Wow, Judy! You have been one very busy woman. I'm behind on mail and blogs so it was fun to read your January posts here and catch up. Kudos to you for so many things -- your art, your writing, the Y, the Big Sister thing, and now your newspaper's going to do an article about you! You will really need your Costa Rica trip to catch up with yourself. I know you and Bill will have the most awesome time with everyone!
Love, Lynne

Ann said...

You're a woman of victory, Ms. Judith, even during the complicated holiday time. Can't wait to see the article on your paintings and to hear more about your trip to Costa Rica, which makes you a woman of great organizational skills too. Just can't keep a good person down! Lovely travels to you and your family.