Monday, January 5, 2009

Sunday 1-4-09 An Ordinary Day

This has been the longest weekend because it seems like it started on New Year's Eve day and it continues. Bill and I have had more together time than we have had in the last year. LOL Today Sunday, I told him that we could make an ordinary day wonderful in a blog by taking photos. He went along with that (for a while) when we went to a hamburger place we had heard of in Lakeland, Five Guys. The burgers were like home grilled to me and Bill said the fries were wonderful.

Then we walked around Lakeland a bit, hand in hand, like a couple without a worry in the world. We laughed at our ordinary day and how special it was.

Lakeland is known for their (surprise!) Lakes but also their swans on the lakes downtown. They are such fun to watch and they have bike and walk paths around the lake. Sometimes on Bill's birthday when we ask him what he wants, he will say, "I want you to walk around Lake Morton with me".

Another day of perfect weather, a call from our nephew saying he was coming from California to spend some time with us next month. We miss him terribly, so that will be a special treat. This is Kevin, Bill's nephew, who spent a year with us a couple years ago. We enjoyed having him here with us but what we didn't think about is that it made a connection between us that is for life I think. He calls once a week or we call him and it's a great feeling to have that connection. So, that's my ordinary day and here are photos of Five Guys to make it extra special. LOL

Here is a photo of Jeni, me and Kevin at Jeni's house when Kevin lived with us. Bill had us laughing about something here. Kevin got on the phone the other day and was talking about some things he thinks about now that we did and he will start laughing. He and Bill rode motorcycles and I don't want to hear about some of it. They were like two boys seeing what they could find to get into next. They build a repelling wire where they could slide down from a tree and into another for instance. Anyway, it will be fun seeing him again.


Victoria said...

I love those hapy ordinary days - so precious. And I'm with Bill, often choosing a walk in beautiful surroundings for my birthday activity. We have swans on Lady Bird Lake in downtown AUstin and really enjoy them. Im glad you will soon have a visit from Kevin.

Peggy said...

What a wonderful ordinary day Judy. Thanks for sharing it! Where is Kevin in California?

Judy said...

Peggy, Kevin is living in Modesto. I think it was quite a ways from your house, near Los Angeles.

Bill said...

Yea, and still owe me that BD gift from 2 years past.LOL

janet said...

Judy, I too love spending time with Dave. Often we plan to get off the social scene for an entire weekend and spend time together. I was so touched by the Patrick Swauze (sp?) interview by Barbara Walters. The love between he and his wife was so touching. Like you and Bill, Dave and I have been married for 39 years this year. When Barbara asked Patrick's wife what she will do when he is gone, she broke down. It made me realize even more how very precious our time with each other is as all things are fleeting.

BTW, did the landslides in Maggie Valley affect your beautiful home there? I hope not.

Mary said...

Interesting that you are talking about ordinary days too. Seems to be the way life is for many at the moment.

How neat that Kevin will be coming to spend some time with you next month. You are so lucky to have made that 'life connection' with one another!

Enjoy, and continue to photograph, those ordinary days.