Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Good Day

You can't have a bad day when you have Eggs Betty, grits with goat cheese, and fresh black raspberry jam on a mile high biscuit for breakfast. The Sweet Potato pancake were calling me but I choose Betty instead. I'll have to go back.
Now if I get in sweet potato fries and a glass of wine at the outdoor cafe of Carmel's this trip, I'll be set for another year!
Love Asheville, love this place.
I have been able to almost catch up on my writing and painting since I arrived. I've done little else but I feel most good about the writing. I have gone months without writing a word. Feels good to be back.
Things I think about this week.
My friend, Lynne, had the same surgery that I did to have her knee replaced but she broke her femur and is having such a hard time recuperating. I feel so bad for her and waiting now to hear whether she will be able to get go home to recuperate or will have to stay at the facility for rehab.
My brother Wayne turns sixty years old on the 26th. Woo-hoo. So glad he made it and so glad he is doing so well. Here's to the next forty or so years for Wayne. I can not believe my younger brother is sixty. What's up with that??? That means I have three more brothers that will turn sixty consecutively over the next three years. What's up with that. I think they are trying to make me feel old is all. :) Happy Birthday Wayne!
My reading for Imagining Heaven has been postponed to Jan or Feb..drats. I was ready. I know everyone was disappointed but Jan or Feb is good.
Both books (anthologies that I am in) are doing so well in sales and publicity. Wow, can't believe it.
Nancy Simpson from Net West emailed me to ask if she could print a poem she liked about Brian on her website, "Living Above The Frostline". She is such a great poet, and well known,influential person here. I am honored. Of course I will let you know when it appears on her site. :)
Loving this life in the mountains and my friends here.

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Mary said...

Judy, I am glad to read you are back into writing again. Your writing is wonderful!

Wishing Wayne a happy 60th birthday and glad to hear he is doing well.

What a bummer to read that your reading for Imagining Heaven is postponed. I know you were looking forward to this. January or February seems a long way off.