Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yamelis, Guillermo, and Wayne

My sister-in-law, Yamelis, became a United States citizen this past week. I am so proud of her. She has worked so hard to study, to learn the language, and adjust to another way of life these last five years.
Her son, my nephew, Guillermo, is in the United States Army and just got back from serving our country in Afghanistan. I am so proud of what he has done;realized his dreams. He decided while still living in Venezuela that he wanted to be in the US Armed Services. What a guy. He is at Fort Bragg now in NC so we will be able to see him.
Wayne turns sixty this year and I'm happy he is alive and well. We have a lot to be thankful for. Wayne had lung cancer but he's doing so well now.
What a great family that keeps plugging away after the last year of fear and their son leaving home for the first time when he went into the service. His mom has had a rough time seeing her only son leave the nest. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger so this is one strong family this year. :)
Congratulations to all three.


Mary said...

How exciting to learn that Yamelis is now a US citizen. Congratulations to her. I am glad that Guillermo is now back from Afghanistan. How much longer does he have to be in the service? Do you think he will re-enlist?

Glad Wayne is doing well in regard to the lung cancer.

Your family IS strong indeed!

Diane T said...

Congratulations to Yamelis on becoming a US citizen and to Wayne on turning 60! Glad that Guillermo returned from Afghanistan. Whew.

Jingle said...

Thanks for the sweet visit.