Saturday, September 11, 2010

North Carolina Home

As soon as I squared away our new home in Tampa and felt comfortable with what we had done to prepare it to be our home, I headed north to NC. That was on September 9, which is my brother, Bob’s, birthday. He would have been 64 years old. That day has become a contemplative one for me so being on the road seemed like a good place to be.
When the mountains come into view I’m always blown away by the beauty. There’s something so basic in me that it reaches. Maybe it is just the need for beauty and change.
The first morning, yesterday when I awoke it was 56 degrees. Even though I knew that I still dressed in my summer clothes and didn’t dream of taking a jacket with me. I must be a creature of habit because all the signs given to me to hint at wearing different clothing were ignored. After all, this is still summer time.
I was so cold all morning and just laughed at the absurdity of it all, the absurdity of me loving this cold blast in the early morning. People were wearing long sleeves and sweaters but that still seemed out of the question to this Floridian.
By mid afternoon (off the mountain) the temps reached 80 degrees and I felt just fine in my clothes. I would have to remember the layering look that I adopt each time I come here this time of year.
I am home. This is the same thing I say when I leave NC in the winter and head for Florida and see those sparkling beaches and feel the warmth of the sunshine. Life is good.

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So very glad to visit your blog and find some messages...will read and respond more later..