Sunday, September 26, 2010

Writing Workshop in Waynesville

I went to the Mountain Writers Workshop from 9a.m. until 4p.m. on Saturday. The classes I signed up for were interesting and informative. I wish I could have taken classes from each instructor because I think they are all really good. One of the best parts of these workshops is meeting and talking to other writers. Most were from the area in the groups I was in. That's a good thing because I met women I am sure I will see again.
What took the winds out of my sails and is now funny to me is the key-note speaker at the luncheon. He is Charles F. I was looking forward to hearing him.
Well, his whole lecture was on how you can't make it in the writing business any more. He said well known publishing houses that have been eager to publish his work in the past say they have budget cuts and all they are taking is pop culture or popular fiction and they take very little of that. He said it's all going to digital, e-books, etc. I expected a good pep talk like stay with it and you'll make it but he stated that we were wasting our time (that's my synopsis of what he said). Then he went further to insult genre writers that weren't writing "serious literature". LOL I'll probably regret putting this in my blog but it's the truth so I'll stick by it. LOL He also stated that he was an old fashioned guy and he wanted books in his hand and not a kindle, etc. and he didn't get it.
At the end I raised my hand with a question. I said, "I get what you are saying but why wouldn't you sale to Kindle or Nook or any e-book if that is what is selling?" He said that actually he has sold two of his books to e-books but he only gets seven cents a copy sold! That was pretty sobering. Actually, the whole thing was pretty sobering to be a workshop for writers.
Thank goodness there were wonderful uplifting instructors there so the classes were marvelous. Wish I could take classes from a couple who teach creative writing at colleges or universities around Asheville.


Mary said...

Well, it does sound pretty sobering, Judy. One wonders why they hired Charles F to be the speaker if he couldn't be encouraging at all. LOL. If he is just being realistic, I suppose this is okay. I don't know what to make of e-books really. If I remember correctly, Nicholas Kristof would not have his book Half the Sky for Kindle. He sold only through the print media. I can understand that if authors make so little through Kindle. I am glad there were uplifting speakers as well. I will look forward to hearing more.....

Mary said...

I came to see if you had an update...but didn't find one. Hope you will update soon.

Diane T said...

Glad you had such a wonderful time at your workshop! They can definitely be inspiring and invigorating.