Sunday, April 26, 2009

Beach Day

Bill packed the car today after we had coffee and sat on the porch for a bit soaking in this beautiful weather. I had mentioned a Peddler's Market and thought we would go there but we ended up at the beach. What a wonderful day full of memories of all our beach days as the children were growing up. We went to Pass-a-grill beach near the Don Cesar (pink hotel).
Just to put my feet in the sand and in the gulf was really wonderful. We ate lunch at the Hurricane restaurant on the beach. We spent a lot of time going down memory lane but also just enjoying the day and the beautiful weather. It's a shame that we have not been to the beach in probably, at least, ten years and we live right here. We vowed to change that. We both love it there.
We had lunch at the Hurricane and the photo (in case you can't tell by Bill's face) is of him singing to me in the Hurricane Restaurant. LOL Love that man!

I think the main reason we stopped going was the skin cancer fear. We did plenty of sun bathing before the warnings came out so strong about the fear of skin damage and even cancer. I am still very aware and afraid of that enough to keep me from being in the sun too long or without sun screen and a huge hat but maybe we could go more if we went at the right times of day. I had forgotten how good it feels to spent time there. How the ocean and the sand transports you to another world and how it takes you away from everything for awhile. There's something spiritual about the ocean, just as there is about the mountains to me.



Bill said...

That was fun. Moderation in everything. A little sun is good for you. I think Vitamin D. More Vitamin D please.

Mary said...

I loved reading about your beach day and seeing the photos. Interesting that you als have a 'pink hotel,' a we always go to the Pink Hotel on Waikiki Beach. I didn't know there was another pink hotel!

Victoria said...

Beach transports me too. Bob and I had a couple of beach days over the weekend, though ours was cloudy and gray - but wonderful to put toe in Gulf. YOur day sounds like fun.

Judy said...

Well, I know you and Bob will have many more opportunities for enjoying beautiful weather at the beach since you can go often. The sea and the mountains transport and transform me.