Monday, April 6, 2009

The Past Week

The weather is beautiful here and the gardenias are so full and heady by the porch. The trees are leaden with new growth and the greens of new life bursting forth. The way the sun plays through the trees in the morning is a magnet that draws me out. Lexi has to go for her walks and when I am home or sitting here looking out like this; I decide to take her for another adventure. She waits on the front porch sniffing the air as though it were ambrosia and stands there at attention as she enjoys the sunshine on her back and the wind blowing through her red hair and she just wallows in the new scents that come her way. She's soon off to chase a squirrel or check out the perimeters of her grounds but for that moment, we both enjoy life together on the front steps.

Jean and Tom, old friends of ours, moved From Boca Raton, to a 55 community in Hilton Head. They came by on Thursday and Friday and we enjoy catching up with them and their travels. So many boomers that I know of, and even Bill and I at one point, dream of taking an RV when they retire and traveling cross country. Jean and Tom actually did it though. They will no doubt go cross country more than once before it's over because they are always on the go and already have the next two big trips planned. One is a three month excursion to the North West.

We enjoyed seeing them again and finding out what adventures they have been on since we saw them last. They have grandchildren west and north of them that they are able to visit regularly, too. What a life. They seem to have RV travel down to a science. Tom enjoys driving and Jean enjoys making all the plans for these trips. They remind Bill that it was he that convinced them that getting that RV and beginning their adventure was the thing to do right now after retirement, but I know for sure that Bill's idea of camping is the nearest Hilton. LOL They always make us think what fun it would be though.


Diane T said...

Fun to read about / see photos of Jean and Tom! Nice that you all had an opportunity to get together!

Mary said...

Jean and Tom and Bill and you look wonderfully relaxed! What a life!! Interesting how none of us ever look any older. LOL. I enjoyed reading about the visit.

Victoria said...

IU liked seeing the pictures of Jean and Tom too - and enjoy reading about the different lifestyle choices that work for people at different phases.

Anonymous said...

Always enjoy visiting your blog, Judy. I feel like I am sitting down for a cup of coffee with you and catching up...
Great to see the pictures of Jean and her dh during their visit.

Judy said...

Thank you to each of you who comment on my writings (blabberings. I appreciate so much hearing that I am being heard. :) CA,You made it! I am smiling ear to ear to see that you figured out how to comment and just did it. I love that you see what we that blog feel like we are doing, catching everyone up (over a cup of coffee) and as such, it's nice to see that you are there.:) :) Thanks for my smile to begin my day.
We were at Fred's Market when the photo was taken, Mary. I think we were too full to move at the point the photo was taken.
I love hearing about Jean's escapades on the road, too, Victoria. They lead an interesting and varied lifestyle and keep so busy.
They looked so rested and good the when we saw them Di. They were tan because Marlene's car broke down in Sarasota and they walked around in the sun. LOL That was their story but I think they spent many hours enjoying sunny days to get tan like they are. They spent several days in Sarasota first and were able to visit a lot with Marlene and Judy and loved their time there catching up. What a life, huh, traveling and visiting with people all along the way.