Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hawaiian Luau

We went to the YMCA Hawaiian Luau last night. It was nice seeing people all dressed in Hawaiian garb and we donned our lais as we arrived. The event began at 6 and ended at 11 pm. There was an auction, silent auction, Chinese auction. You could buy tickets to just about any and every thing. I thought the entrance fee was the donation but the whole thing was really set up for donations. I felt beaten up by the time I left. LOL I guess I'm a little weary of all the fund raisers in my life right now. We give to causes of our choice, especially children's causes, and I feel good about that, but I did not feel so good when I left the Luau. I'll be better prepared next time and know more what it's all about. It's always nice spending an evening out with Bill and we did enjoy that.
We also thought it was pretty neat that we already had Hawaiian type clothes for the Luau since we wore it to Jeni and Tom's party. :)

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Victoria said...

You and Bill look good in your Hawaian garb. Fund raising is tricky and it doesn't seem like the lay of the land was clear. I have definitely been to events where the ticket was the only thing that cost.