Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

We had such a nice evening with Michael Frank, our nephew, at Olive Garden last night. He turned 23 years old. We decided to celebrate that one more time. LOL He begins college in May and has a real good job, too, so life is good and busy for him.
When Bill got home from church he brought an Easter basket for me in with lots of goodies and thoughtful things like music from my fav, Dolly Parton, and also John Denver and someone else that slips my mind right now. He also got me a strawberry plant to grow and hopefully have strawberries to eat.
What a nice surprise and wonderful Easter. I got Bill am old photo of old cowboys like the Lone Ranger, Hop Along Cassidy, Roy Rodgers, Cisco Kid, Gene Autry, John Wayne, Randolph Scott and others. All the old heroes. The rest of the day we will prepare the grounds and the house for the party next Saturday. We have already planted so many daisies and will plant more today. Can’t have enough daisies for my daughter! LOL Today is the only full day Bill will be off before the party so he will do some pressure washing and things he wouldn’t have time for the rest of the week. It will be a busy but very good day as we complete all the little projects around here.

We got the best surprise this morning. Jeni and Tom called from Antigua. They found someone with an international connection and asked If they could call their parents. It was so good hearing their voices and now I feel much better and can get on with my life .I was feeling so melancholy about not being at the wedding and missing this most important day. I still think now that I made the right decision though; choosing to have the party with the money we would spend to go to the wedding. That way all their family and friends can celebrate with them. We are going to have such a great time, I know. So many people are excited about this party.
Happy Easter to all that read this. May the day be a glorious one for you.


Mary said...

How neat to read that you and Bill give each other Easter gifts..I think that is very special. Each of you thought of such thoughtful things for each other. I'm impressed.

Wonderful that Jeni and Tom called from Antigua. I am sure that made your day. I know you (and they) are looking forward to the BIG party next weekend.

Happy Easter to you and Bill!

Victoria said...

Genmerous decision to have the party to make the wedding celebration accessible to more - andI smile at the thought of all those daisies. Lots of work though worht it. You and BIll make a good team. And the bridal couple is GORGEOUS.

Bill said...

It was a good weekend. Got a lot done and looking forward to the party. It will be great.

My Carolina Kitchen said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter with your family. Seeing the beautiful couple in Antigua makes me miss the islands. For many of our early years in Abaco we didn't have a phone and had to go to the telephone office on the main island to make a call. Telephone offices in foreign countries are a true experience. Enjoy your big party.

Judy said...

Bill has always given me and anyone around at the time easter baskets, Mary. It's his thing. I love it, of course.
Thanks for the kind words about my decision to have the party instead, Victoria. I am glad again now that I made that choice. Everyone is getting so excited about it. So many would not have been able to celebrate their wedding. After they called I felt much better. It was not having contact with them that was making things so much worse for me emotionally.
Sam, I love to see you on here. I can't imagine living on the islands for as long as you did..years! Wow, now that is roughing it to me; no phone, etc. I wonder if you ever get back for a visit.

Peggy said...

You post made me fee happy just to read it Judy. I hope you take some photos of all those daisies around your beautiful yard. And I can't help but think how this wedding is such a wonderful celebration for you and Bill and Jeni and Tom, of course. I agree that having the party is a great use of the money and makes the celebration go on and on (you and your family seem good at that with those month-long birthdays).

I so enjoy seeing the photos after being at your house and seeing both you and Bill in your environments there. And what a thoughtful Easter gift from Bill.

Diane T said...

What a very special Easter you had, Judy....and a wonderful weekend to look forward to. You are indeed blessed.