Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fun Times

Sunday evening we had things cleaned up around here enough to have my brothers and their wives and our nephew, Mike over for dinner before Al and BB (brother and sil) had to go back to SC in the A.M. It was good to have that time together before the weekend was over. We had ribs, parmesan potatoes, roasted veggies, and wedding cake. Doesn't that sound surprisingly like our wedding party menu??? LOL It was a great dinner and then we had the much touted Wii bowling game to take on. We knew who the players were. Mike, my nephew, and BB, my sister in law. However, we all enjoyed our little beat down by taking elimination matches first. We were all quickly eliminated with only Mike and BB standing,

Someone somewhere will take you down though so watch out! LOL I know Becky won one on you but we didn't think to set it up tournament style so I think she needs to get back down here for a rematch. LOL BB, maybe you can get some practice in bowling with a shortened bowling lane. I do know that threw you. You are amazing because I know you haven't had your Wii for long. J Hugs to you all. I'm so glad you came down for Jeni & Tom's wedding party. They appreciated it so much.

Fun times.


Mary said...

I continue to enjoy your commentary and pictures of the time after the party! Hope you are finding time to relax this week after the busy weekend.

Victoria said...

sounds like sucha lovely time - you and Bill make so much goodness for your family and friends