Monday, April 6, 2009

This Weekend

This weekend we had a nice birthday celebration for my niece, Becky and her husband, Matt, who are here from South Carolina for a week in Kissimmee. Matt's mom and dad came, too. They are wonderful people and it was really nice getting to know them better. We really enjoyed our time with them. Nancy is a photographer and between all of them they helped me a little with my new camera and my phone and all the electronics that don't seem to do as advertised under my handling. Guess I will eventually have to read the instruction books but Nancy told me of one you can find in the book store for Nikon 90 like mine that is much more easily deciphered so I may try that. She takes beautiful photos with her Nikon that is not an SLR.

My brother Wayne and his wife, Yamelis; my brother Mike and his girlfriend, June and nephew, Michael came and we celebrated Michael's birthday, too. He is twenty-three and my niece, Marcy, turned 21. This is all very hard to accept! LOL

My daughter and her fiancé were supposed to be here but they are coming down to the wire with wedding, honeymoon things. They had their photo shoot on the beach on Sunday; put off until the last minute because they also have to pack and then work Monday and Tuesday before leaving on Wednesday to change their lives forever. J I am happy for them and I know their stress level must be way up there. My daughter will leave Miss Roney and return Mrs. Filipkowski. I won't see her until the party on the 18th. That will really be exciting.

Bill grilled hamburgers out and we had birthday cake and ice cream. I think Matt was the only one that braved the cool pool that day but we had several enjoying the Jacuzzi heated to a nice temperature of 99.
Kudos to Bill for a wonderful cook out when I know he was fighting a really bad cold. He's still feeling bad today but he sure enjoyed yesterday.

We played Wii in the wee hours of the night and that got to be pretty heated with Michael taking the championship so many times that everyone started to gang up on him to beat him. It was the first time some of them had played Wii Bowling but now I think there will be several new games purchased after this rousing night of bowling.

Happy Birthday to all of you, Matt, Becky, Mary, Marcy, & Michael and Mike and Yamelis! I had not realized that we had so many March and April birthdays. Yamelis, who is from Venezuela has a good idea. She celebrates her April 22 birthday all month long. I tried that for my 60th birthday and I have to say, that was REALLY a tiring month for me and I can imagine those that were reminded of my birthday all month long got pretty tired as well. LOL It's hard to celebrate a whole month but Yamelis says its tradition and she handles it well. LOL


Diane T said...

What an eventful weekend you had filled with celebrations and family! I have no doubt Bill provided a wonderful cookout despite his cold! You must be so excited about your daughter's soon-to-be wedding!

Mary said...

It is so nice that Bill have so many wonderful celebrations at your house. Your pool defintely looks inviting. Judging from the photos you have taken with your camera, you have it figured out well. Best wishes to your daughter and fiance' as they begin another chapter of their life!

Shanthy said...

Oh what a wonderful weekend!

Victoria said...

What a wonderful happy birthday celebration - and fun as a family - exciting as the time to the wedding ticks down.

Jessie said...

It sounds like a great party--or series of parties!


Peggy said...

What a great party Judy--you are the queen of parties! And the wedding is coming up so very fast! A busy but happy month for your family. I am so glad I have been to your house now and can picture where all the photos were taken. Party on! LOL