Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crash, Boom, Splat on Foreign Soil

Just an update. Here's my latest photo from Cancun. Don't you wish you were here?? LOL

What happened: Tuesday I fell on the side walk between the two sections of the resort. There was one step that I did not see though I was paying special attention to watching where I walked because things aren't as clearly marked here. There will be one tiny step and no indication that it is different from the rest of the sidewalk. Same color, no signs, no differences. I twisted my right ankle, fell on my left knee, my left shoulder, and then clonked myself on the left side of my head. What I heard is that people could hear my head hit the cement and they were there right away and the resort Dr and security were called right away. There was also a Dr. that was at the resort on vacation and later a nurse that was there with me. Talk about having lots of help. The ambulance was summoned and I do remember being told that I was surrounded by some very handsome men. :)
This is what I remember, I remember starting over and saying"oh, no" to myself because i knew I was falling. I remember bits and pieces, I remember my friends, Judy and Marlene at my side and hearing Jean's voice. I remember being in the ambulance but no more until the hospital. Jean went with me and stayed with me the whole time. I was never worried or scared. She stayed by my bed (standing the whole time) for hours. When the Dr came in he told me that he needed to do cat scan on head, knee and ankle and that I needed to stay 12 to 24 hours. Oh no. I thought of my vacation being spent in the hospital, a Mexican hospital, and more than that my friends vacation where they had to worry about me. sigh I then talked to Jean and she finally agreed to break out with me. We told them my wishes and they said they weren't responsible for what could happen, yadda, yadda, yadda. I said OK, I will sign whatever and get a cab back to the resort. We signed out, paid $600 for the Dr. and hospital, $400 for the ambulance ride that I did not even enjoy for pete's sake! LOL Jean spotted me the $400 and I charged the $600.
Let me say this about this hospital. They took me to an American hospital, called such because they spoke english. They didn't, not so you'd notice anyway. They kept telling me to wiggle my fingers. I wiggled, and wiggled, and wiggled. They never seemed happy about it. Finally the doctor says, no! wiggle the ones on your feet. (seems that the word for fingers and toes in spanish is the same word so they thought fingers were on our feet as well as our hands I guess) LOL
The hospital was so cleanand every one SO nice that it stood out to me. OK, since I was more aware of my surroundings I will also say that the drs and assistants were SO handsome, even the nurses were beautiful. Jean noticed that when a Dr or assistant would leave the room they would kiss the nurse. Hmmm. Wonder if that is sanitary. LOL VERY friendly people. I like this Mexican culture more and more. I do know they are so family oriented.
Since I got back to the resort, I've been pampered unbelievably. It's a bit embarrassing but not enough for me to stop the process. LOL I go by wheel chair everywhere. Jean said she's so glad she's my friend because they take us through places we would never see otherwise. They find the best route to the places I want to go and can't be helpful enough. I have my own runner each day that comes when I call 64 on the phone and takes me where I want to go and act like I dont call them enough. I don't get to the door before they are knocking, ready for transport.
I am feeling better each day and it hasn't hampered the vacation at all for any of us. Marlene and Judy have gone to the Mayan ruins today as they had planned and Jean and I are going to have computer time then go to the beach ...all things we had planned the first day. Thank God. Bill and I saw the ruins when we were here last time and it was wonderful. Now they aren't even allowed to climb to the top of the temple though because of damage to the ruins.
I was prepared to go home and get my own Dr to look at me if things didn't seem like they were working. Everything is great though. I just look funny and walk even funnier than I used to but I wear dark glasses and I'm in the wheel chair for the long walks so ...all seems pretty normal in my very abnormal ways. :) Adios Amigas e Familia. From Paradise:Judy
Royal Solaris where we are staying. You can probably tell why I chose to rough it out here. LOL


Diane T said...

Omigosh, Judy! I am so sorry this happened! Something very similar happened to me in Sydney Australia the last time I was there -- a tiny step that was unexpected. I'm so glad you have Jean there with you. I know that she will note and take appropriate action if something doesn't seem right. Many, many hugs to you. Love from Diane T

Mary said...

Judy, it is shocking to see you with this black eye. I at first thought it was a black pirate patch over your eye. LOL. What an awful experience. I hope all really IS well, especially with your head. I hope the rest of your vacation brings only GOOD adventures!

Lynne said...

Oh gosh, Judy! I'm so sorry this blink-of-an-eye moment happened to you! Sounds like Ms Judith has taken charge though and nothing will spoil your vacation. Love to you and all of you owies!

Victoria said...

Oh Judy, I'm so sorry you fell and hurt yourself so badly - glad for the support of friends and that you are getting help at the resort and still enjoying your vacation. So much can go wrong so fast! I empathize with Bill, hard to be away from a hurt love.

Anonymous said...

So very sorry about all of this particularly on vacation but glad you are with good friends to help and most of all, your sense of humor through all of this..heal fast! and safe, quick trip back home

BB said...

As I was catching up on Facebook I noticed I haven't seen any post from you lately; omg Sis! this is terrible and funny at the same time; you certainly don't need anymore pain inflicted on your body, but reading your BLOG makes me ALMOST laugh! I love you so much; take good care of yourself and let us hear from you; we are anxious to come down to FL and see ya'll. Can't believe a year ago we were all together in Costa Rica/the year before that it was Keys! This birthday/anniversary will be low key for us. TGCOY 'cause we love you, BB (I think enough of you to sign up for Google Acct. and type a message TWICE just to comment on your BLOG)

paula stark said...

Now that is a shiner Judy. wow. Hope the healing goes well for your is kind of integral to waling.

Judy Roney said...

BB! I can't believe you found your way on here an then posted. Good for you, Sis! I appreciate the effort. Love seeing you here.

Judy Roney said...

Thanks for all your comments about my slip and fall. What a comedy this has been.
Paula, I see you found your way on here as well. Great seeing your words here.
I'm loving that people are posting. :)