Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stranded in Miami

We meant to be on the beaches of Cancun this p.m. but instead we are in a Holiday Inn in Miami. There were mechanical problems with our plan in Tampa and it was delayed until we missed our connection from Miami to Mexico.
It's not all bad though because we have been put up in a nice hotel in Miami we were given vouchers for free dinner and also free breakfast in the morning before they fly us out to Cancun. We had dinner at a nice Cuban American restaurant here called. The food was delicious.
Back to the bad part. We do not have our bags so that means no PJ's, no toiletries, nada. They gave us little packages of necessities like tooth brush and tooth paste.
So, since we are, well, us, we are making the best of things. We are camping out. Sleeping in the clothes we wore all day and, oh, yes, that we will wear to Cancun tomorrow also. Oh, my. I hope they sit all of the ones that missed their flight in the same area of the air plane because we are going to be one messy looking bunch. In our kits is this tiny little comb that we are supposed to do something with our hair with tomorrow. This really will be interesting, donchathink?
It's very warm in Miami. I figure this is the way it will be in Cancun and it is definitely beach weather. A lot of people have been stressed out today about all this but we just say, " It is what it is" and enjoy the crazy parts because by tomorrow this will all be funny. After a glass of wine over dinner tonight we were already thinking things were pretty darn funny and memorable.
Our flight leaves in the morning and we have to figure out how to get our free breakfast in before we have to go to the airport in the morning. See..lots of figuring, thinking and regrouping going on here. It's not all fun and frivolity.
We are all exhausted right now so I am going to crawl into my bed and pretend I'm in my clean p.j's and hopefully sleep tonight. No guarantees though because my cold medicine is also in my bag at the airport. Which airport is anyone's guess.
Adios familia, amigas, and amigos.


Bill said...

Thats a fine how do you do. It will all be forgotten when you hit the beaches of Cancun.

Mary said...

Oh no, Judy...I had already pictured you on the beach recuperating from that cold! Sorry about the glitch in your plans, but glad you are making the most of it and thinking of it as "It is what it is." Give my best to Jean, Judy, and Marlene. You will be in Cancun soon.