Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Doctor

I went to the Dr. at Bill's insistence. I really felt fine and didn't see the need. My injuries would just take time to heal.  I was thinking that perhaps the insurance would more likely pay if I had verification here of my injuries, too, so I went. 

Well, wonder of wonders, my ankle is broken!  I can't believe I could walk on anything broken but Dr said obviously sometimes you can.  I was there most of the day. The healing of my ankle has already begun but he said they are going with what we have and try to see if physical therapy will keep the ankle from being rigid.  Sigh Lots of exercise (painful) plus they put me in an air cast so that I can walk.  I like it so much because I can take it off to get a bath and will just have to go in once a week for an adjustment and to see if I have range of motion.  They will have to put on another type cast if this doesn't work so I'm going to do everything I can. It's more painful to walk in this cast but I still think it's preferable to a plaster one.

Also, they might have to call off the surgery on March 16.   I have a hematoma, where the blood has pooled in the sack under my knee cap.  All the bruising and swelling is just the runoff from the hematoma under my cap.  I don't understand, since they will be cutting everything off in the surgery, why that would affect the surgery but it has something to do with blood clots.  The hematoma takes from six weeks to three months they predict to heal.  It's upsetting because I have psyched myself out for the March date but "it is what it is". 

My eye is fine and so is my shoulder. I wear my shades everywhere now, looking very mysterious I think. Not too mysterious probably because you can see the bruise above and below. People look at me and turn away fast and then they stare at Bill!! LOL I have a feeling they are wondering why I'm still with the abuser. LOL I'm getting all kinds of story lines out of this one.

So, that's the whole story and I just have to go with it until it's all healed and there's just no telling.   I have to go ice creaky places and draw the alphabet in the air with my toe.  Cool, huh? 


Mary said...

I am glad you went to the that he could discover you have a BROKEN ankle, not just a sprain. I hope that the air cast works. It would be a bummer if you will have to put off surgery, but better than taking a risk. Glad that your eye and shoulder are fine. Hope that your ankle heals quickly.

Anonymous said...

This just goes to show..once cannot keep a good woman are amazing.
Sending healing thoughts your way..and having been in a cast up to my knee and on crutches three times in the past few years due to elective foot air cast sounds like heaven..heal well and quickly..CA